20 August 2008

The Fandelier Finds a Friend!

Under no circumstances! The Wooden Telephone with Scroll details and Brass - Touch-Tone!

Back on the 21st of May the Most Dreadful Fandelier was found by me and Megan in a catalog that we received in the mail. The blog entry is here so you may savor the full experience of this gem. Well, fast forward to the 20th of August and this afternoon I received a catalog in the mail with the wood telephone, (pictured above), on the front COVER of another catalog, (The manufacturer and catalog will remain nameless).

The Fandelier has found a friend! There truly is someone or something, in this case, for everyone! Both dreadful in their own right, I simply could not resist ending my day with these special morsels.

Encore! The Fandelier.