26 February 2010

The Surrey Hotel

At a cost of $60 million dollars, New York City's Upper East Side, Surrey Hotel has just completed 14 months of extensive renovation. Rottet Studio, hugely responsible for the beautiful re-creation, has transformed the 1925 beaux arts building into one of Manhattan's newest uber chic hotels. The elegant foundation of this newly designed hotel is packed with quirky touches that makes it just irresistible.

25 February 2010

Industrial Sparkle

These rather interesting chandeliers from Hudson International have me thinking about their placement in a chic, TriBeCa, NYC, restaurant that would be carved inside an old warehouse set just off some cobblestone street. Quite remote and sexy, yet accessible.

The smoked glass lamps and bubble lamps are available in several different configurations, and options. They employ light bulbs that sparkle from a current that is all their own. They are unique, artistic, industrial and perhaps a bit futuristic. They have definitely provided me with a seed of inspiration.

24 February 2010

Insignificant Images?

Academy Award winner, Tilda Swinton, is one of my favorite actresses. She is now featured in a short film by Ryan McGinley. The film was created to celebrate the Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Pringle of Scotland. The company, is best known for their luxurious cashmere knitwear, and is credited with originating the Argyle pattern. A pattern, I might add, that has certainly made its way into interior design.

I am not only intrigued by the film because it features Tilda Swinton, but also because I am trying to decipher its meaning. The footage is beautiful, but is basically seven minutes of Tilda Swinton dashing the moors, crawling into and out of a cave and wading through water. Half the time she is donning one black Pringle dress and the other half, an ivory one. Perhaps the film's meaning is the simple appreciation for beauty.

Check out Pringle of Scotland here.

23 February 2010

Gift Trays

I'm quite fond of Juliska's Cornerstones Gift Collection. I am particularly fond of lions, so their "Courage" gift tray particularly strikes my fancy. According to Juliska, "The Cornerstone is the first stone laid at the corner of a building which is fundamentally important to its structure and stability."

At a time when many people are re-evaluating life's priorities, and demanding greater value for their gift giving, this collection "celebrates the cornerstone values of a life well lived".

22 February 2010


Visual appeal and function are combined to create these adorable iPod docking stations. Speakal.com offers speaker systems from the iPig to the ghostly iBoo, (above), to slick iPom, (an apple with removable flower speakers "growing" out the top). These lightweight, durable speakers are fun, whimsical and a sure way to start a conversation.

19 February 2010


"Oil Slick Dunny"

I have an extreme fondness for the toy collection from Kidrobot.

Founded in 2002 by designer Paul Budnitz, Kidrobot is the world's premier creator of limited edition art toys and apparel. Kidrobot creates toys, apparel, accessories, and other products in collaboration with many of the world's most talented artists and designers.

The products sold at Kidrobot.com and their stores in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and London, with temporary pop-up stores appearing from time to time in other cities worldwide, are the centerpieces of a global movement that exemplifies the cutting edge of both pop art and mass culture.

A blend of sculpture and popular art, many of Kidrobot's exclusive toys are extremely rare and collectible. Artists often create a series of only a few hundred to a few thousand pieces, so once a toy is sold out, it's sold out forever. Kidrobot toys retail anywhere from $5 to $25,000, and many appreciate in value over time.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City (MoMA) acquired 13 Kidrobot toys in late 2007, adding these iconic pieces to the museum's collection.

18 February 2010


The Shag rug, designed by Ron Arad, for The Rug Company is definitely quirky, silly and fun. This artistic creation may also play homage to the shag rugs that were so popular in the 1970's. I can certainly remember the royal and navy blue shag rug that was spread throughout my childhood bedroom.

According to The Rug Company's website, "This rug is entirely handmade, from the spinning of the wool to the weaving on the loom. It is unique, and has been crafted by weavers in the Kathmandu area, whose skills have been passed down through many generations. We use only the highest quality wool for our rugs, that of the Tibetan sheep, for its durability, rich texture and subtle color variation. To this we have added the vision of a world class designer, and the result is a hand knotted contemporary rug of extraordinary beauty, which will itself become an heirloom to be treasured for years to come."

It is definitely worth checking out The Rug Company and their collection of rugs. You may be pleasantly surprised!

17 February 2010


It appears that many people have gone gaga over Lady Gaga. She and uber-talented performer, Cyndi Lauper have graciously lent their names, voices, time and support to MAC cosmetics VIVA GLAM lipstick collection. The unique lip lacquer was created in 1994 to support men, women and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS globally. The lipstick shades have been launched with tremendous success over the years. Every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass is donated to MAC AIDS Fund. For more information check out MAC AIDS Fund.

15 February 2010

Crown Hooked Pillow

am very fond of crowns. The regal design of these pillows are based on Britain's imperial crown jewels. The pillows are hand hooked of 100% wool, have a cream cotton velvet reverse and a poly-fill insert. They are available here.

11 February 2010

Architectural Models

The Radcliffe Oxford Camera architectural model. Also available as a split pair of bookends.

I enjoy seeing random accessories, art pieces, sculptures and/or other objects and curiosities placed in an eclectic interior design. These architectural models by Timothy Richards are one such example.

Timothy Richards started his business nineteen years ago and has slowly built a reputation of quality. According to his company, they are the only people making plaster sculptures of this type in the world. Each sculpture is made with care by hand in their workshop in Bath, England. Timothy Richards explains, "Plaster has permanence and is a beautiful and underrated material. It is the main material we use in making the sculptures. Additional materials used in making the sculptures are etched brass; lead; white metal; glass, and sometimes gold."

A model sculpture of the United States Capitol held up in front of the actual building.

10 February 2010

Snow Day

Just as Washington, DC thought it was over, another winter snow storm is impacting the area.

09 February 2010

Ice Hotel

The Washington, DC area has been slammed with close to thirty inches of snow this past weekend. We are expecting another ten to twenty inches by tomorrow. Certainly, an escape from this bitter cold weather to a warm island paradise would be most welcome. However, for those individuals who want an adventure with an added frigid twist, why not escape to Sweden's Ice Hotel?

One of the first Ice Hotels ever built is situated on the shores of the Torne River, in Sweden. You can only get to Sweden's Ice Hotel by air to and from Kiruna, Sweden. Trips can only be arranged as part of total trans-Atlantic air packages. This ice hotel was first constructed in the late 1980’s, and is popular with Europeans. Besides the bedrooms the hotels also contains an ice chapel, ice gallery and ice bar where drinks are served in glasses made of ice. In addition to using ice glasses as in the Kiruna ice hotel, the bar (and room service) also serves cold cuts on ice plates. If you're not sure you want to stay the night, you can still experience the Ice Hotel through a public tour.

04 February 2010

Tray Table

It might be surprising to learn that this adorable tray table is exclusively available at Kmart. The glazed antique white wood finish tray table is quite chic not to mention reasonably priced at just $69.99. The table features a mirrored tray top with decorative finials. I especially like the wooden fretwork on the frame.

03 February 2010

Spoon Chandelier

This Spoon Chandelier would make a nice statement in a cafe or restaurant and may even be cool hanging in the right kitchen. Japanese designer, Daisuke Hiraiwa was inspired by shoals of fish to meticulously craft a chandelier of recycled plastic spoons. The punctured plastic spoons are adhered together to create a queue of lights. Tiny holes disperse the light while it passes through them and create a charming effect. I always enjoy seeing found objects used to create something distinct, unique and unexpected.

01 February 2010

Biomorphic Console

Tony Duquette was an American artist and designer who was known for his exuberant signature style. Considered by many as an American design icon, Duquette left behind an artistic legacy that inspires fantasy and stirs the imagination. The Biomorphic Console, (pictured above), is considered one of Duquette's most inspired works, the Biomorphic Console was originally designed for the Charles and Palmer Ducommun Bel Air residence in the 1960s. Impeccably recreated by Baker furniture, the console is cast in resin in three separate pieces, then fabricated together to produce its undulating form, which is finished in Silver Gilt or Gold Leaf. The crystal clear glass top, although anchored in place, gives the illusion that it is just barely perching on top of the base. Circa 1965.