30 November 2009

Will Broome for Wedgewood.

A limited edition range of fine bone china produced in collaboration with illustrator Will Broome and FLASH, an exclusive and chic dining experience, as part of the celebrations for Wedgwood's 250th anniversary.

Located at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, FLASH is a temporary restaurant, a room within a room, an installation within an exhibition.

The Will Broome for Wedgwood collection features a bold, modern print and incorporates key tableware items including a 10.5" and 7" plate, teacup & saucer set, teapot and cereal bowl.

24 November 2009

Red Dragon China and Leonidas Roses.

According to ancient Chinese culture the dragon symbolizes benevolence, protection and good fortune and thus was the emblem of the emperor. While exploring the Mottahedeh website I encountered their Red Dragon china pattern. The persimmon color would look beautiful set at a Thanksgiving dinner table with a centerpiece of Leonidas roses, (shown below).

Leonidas roses

23 November 2009

Thistle Wallpaper.

I have always been fond of this Thistle wallpaper pattern from Walnut Wallpaper. Designed by Timorous Beasties, this particular paper is available in a variety of colors. I would tend to use this dramatic design in a powder room or another small space that can handle its rather eclectic appeal.

20 November 2009

Stress Much?

The holiday season is fast approaching and for many of us that means added stress in our lives. These adorable 'Faces on the Moon' stress balls may be a fun way to alleviate just a tinge of the craziness. Designed by Makiko Yoshida and made of polyurethane resin, these squeezable heads are guaranteed to evoke an emotional response. Check them out here.

18 November 2009


Sometimes the smallest details can have huge impact in the design of a space. The selection of door bells from Spore are one such example. They are the perfect choice whenever a contemporary button is desired on a narrow mounting surface such as door trim. Made with resilient colored resin and illuminated by long-lived LEDs these door bells welcome guests with style and sophistication.

17 November 2009

Six Wives.

While in New York City recently, I happened to stumble upon the Tribeca Summit Loft Condominiums on Greenwich Street. Taking place in two duplex penthouses inside the building is Metropolitan Home's Showtime House. The dining room and terrace inspired by Showtime's award-winning original series 'The Tudors' features one of my favorite details from the house. Designers Piero Lissoni and Nicoletta Canesi created dining chairs and pillows with images of the six wives of Henry VIII. Poor beheaded Anne Boleyn's chair is splashed with red. For additional information and photographs, check out the December 2009 issue of Metropolitan Home magazine.

16 November 2009

One Eyeland.

Chock full of amazing photographs, I am loving the website, oneeyeland.com. The two photographs here are by Adrian Samson. Click above and take a look, there are some amazing and thought-provoking photos to be found.

11 November 2009

Porcupine Quill Mirror

egan found this very cool mirror. Exclusive to Horchow, this piece is artfully hand-painted to mimic the prickly quills of a porcupine. A sleek wood frame makes this round mirror a standout. 33"Dia. x 5"D. The mirror is available here.

10 November 2009

Lighting. Recycled.

Even recycled steel and glass can be made into something functional and interesting. The fascination collection from Varaluz includes many different lighting and home accessories options. According to the manufacturer's manifesto, their approach to lighting is down to earth, more collaborative and more playful. Varaluz claims to stand for fun, approachability, and originality. I can certainly agree with that!

Fascination Light Bath Bar

06 November 2009

War Bowls

he Battle of Waterloo. The English Civil War. Zulu War. Designer Dominic Wilcox has designed and made these whimsical war bowls from high-quality melted plastic toys soldiers. Each color is made of figures from tow opposing armies during a particular conflict. The designer states on his website, "The inspiration for the War Bowl came from a combination of ideas. I wanted to create a new material that would work on more levels than the usual qualities such as texture and functionality. My aim was to make a material that had a voice of it's own, not just a passive lifeless thing. I started with the idea of combining small objects in order to create something larger. I arrived at the idea of using toy soldiers as my ingredients. As found objects, they seemed to represent something of a paradox. On one hand they were a fun childhood toy that brought back happy memories and on the other, they were a representation of war with it's associated horrors. This is a contrast that I find slightly uneasy." The War Bowls are available by contacting Thorsten van Elten.

03 November 2009

Armani Dolci

If you care to indulge in high style this upcoming holiday season, why not check out Giorgio Armani's line of chocolate? The fashion and home collection designer, opened an impressive new store on Fifth Avenue, New York City, that is home to Armani Dolci. This third floor boutique sells delectable chocolates and seasonal confections. You may find milk chocolate with fillings of coffee, hazelnut and gianduja, (chocolate and nuts). Many of the chocolates are emblazoned with an "A" and are elegantly packed in a simple Armani/Dolci box. The chocolates, made in Florence, range in price from $5.00 to $125.00. The store is also home to the Armani Ristorante where preserves, honey, spreads and tea fill the shelves just outside the restaurant.

02 November 2009

Bubble Wands

I think this is a great party favor. The classic children's toy has been hand-cast in pewter. The 4" long bubble wands run about $16.00 from Clay Company. A concoction of 1/2 cup dish soap, two cups of water and two teaspoons sugar, will create enough solution to bubble the day away.