25 August 2008

Wee Details: The SoHo Grand.

I encountered two details at The SoHo Grand Hotel this past weekend that are worth throwing on the blog. The first one is the whimsical bird wallpaper pictured above. This wallpaper was hung in the bathrooms in each of the guest rooms. The black and beige colored wallpaper was the perfect foil to the industrial design of the hotel. Completely unexpected and silly, I admire the designers of The SoHo Grand for being adventurous enough to use this wallpaper over something more traditional or common. I absolutely support eclectic design and think this choice is Most Excellent.

As a follow-up to my blog entry on Houndstooth last week, I ran into the Houndstooth fabric covered chair in the lower lobby of The SoHo Grand. Again, a bold and very eclectic choice that makes a huge impact when arriving at the hotel. This fabric is used in the main lobby level of the hotel for pillows and other accessories in the lounge area.