21 May 2008

The "Fandelier"! Under No Circumstances!!

This is dreadful. The "Fandelier"

My assistant Megan and I source many different products, furnishings, accessories, etcetera every day. Typically, I place things on this blog that I consider Most Excellent. Furnishings that I would jump at the chance of installing in just the right interior design project. What started the day with a beautiful David Iatesta Chandelier, (see below), has ended with this dreadful "Fandelier". The "Fandelier" is a new word, coined by Megan, that defines the ceiling fan/ crystal chandelier combination - sort of the worst of both worlds. When we both saw this gem, pictured above, we burst into hysterical laughter and I decided to post this fixture on my blog as an example, a warning, of what I consider to be interior design at its worst. Under no circumstances should a ceiling fan, such as the one you see above, ever be installed in any home... I don't care if it is a Victorian Bed and Breakfast. I have decided to omit the name of the manufacturer of this Fandelier to protect their identity.