28 August 2012

The End of Summer.

Jasper Johns, 'White Flag', figurative painting

It's time to take a brief pause. It has been a wonderful Summer. I am ready for a little rest and relaxation before I begin what promises to be a very exciting and enjoyable Autumn. All the best this coming Labor Day Weekend. I look forward to returning the end of September 2012.

21 August 2012

The Dog Days of Summer.

                            Photograph: Bruce Weber


Exotic Tabletop. Yes? No?

While it is not an easy task to find the Lauren by Ralph Lauren "Desert Hollywood" Fine Bone China collection, (shown above), it is a far easier task to find many the Lauren by Ralph Lauren "Crocodile" Flatware collection that was designed to complement the reptilian patterned dinnerware. A table set with this flatware and china would be anything but typical and expected. The bone china dinnerware draws inspiration from the glamourous 1940s. The charcoal gray on white bone china is punctuated by a simple platinum band and is really quite handsome. That is, if you don't mind dinnerware with a pattern that looks very much like snakeskin.

Because the dinnerware is available in such limited quantities, my focus here is primarily on the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Crocodile flatware collection. I like this flatware for it's whimsical and unique design. It is not often that you will find flatware with a crocodile print! However, this is flatware that I would consider "fun", everyday flatware. It is quirky. However, it is also elegant and sophisticated in the true Ralph Lauren tradition. I think it could look just lovely with simple white china that one may use everyday. If the flatware really grabs your attention, there is a hostess collection in the same pattern.
This is an adventurous tabletop collection. Would it work for you?

Lauren by Ralph Lauren "Crocodile" Flatware

15 August 2012

A Quick Snap of Color.

Placing new accessories in a room is the fastest and easiest way to give a space a "cosmetic makeover". New pillows on the sofa, a change of the color of a lamp shade or the addition of a new piece of art can all aid in an interior design face lift. 

Recently, I saw this vase in a friend's home. It was simply placed all by itself on a coffee table in the center of the room. While the interesting piece did transform the design of the room, it did add a nice "pop" of color and interest. I was first attracted to the colors of this earthenware vase. The shape and texture of the piece soon followed in capturing my attention. My friend informed me that she purchased the vase for under $50.00 at CB2. The "Cascais" vase is 12.75" high and about 12" wide and may be purchased online or in CB2 stores. This is a vase that is accessible to many and has a price tag will not break the bank.  When placed it a room, it will add a quick, easy snap of color, texture and interest. It certainly caught my attention.

03 August 2012

Froissé Mirror.

Wow! This mirror is a statement piece! Used here in a very simple, classic, yet contemporary room, this mirror commands attention. It is sculptural art for the wall. It is certainly a "jewel piece" and something, that when used in the right place, can be dramatically breath-taking. Some cautious advice: Combine a piece like this with too many other furnishings, accessories and excessive amounts of color and it will look more like Las Vegas gone wrong.

 Designed by Paris-based Hungarian artist Mathias Kiss, Froissé is currently part of the Sans 90° exhibition at Galerie Armel Soyer in Paris.