25 October 2012

swoop media cabinet.

I like the simplicity of the Swoop Media Cabinet from Global Views. Inspired by mid-century designs the "Swoop" has a solid horizontal body that sits firmly on uniquely arched legs. The striations on the cabinet doors add a beautiful textural dimension to the piece. The cabinet is made of solid Marapolan wood with ribboned mahogany veneered doors. There are four cabinet doors, each with removable shelves. Grommets provide easy component wiring access. 

While this cabinet is designed with the intention of being a media cabinet, I can easily see this piece of furniture in a living room, dining room, bedroom or den. It is smart, sophisticated and versatile. Such versatility adds additional value to such a piece of fine furniture. 

ribbon mahogany veneered doors add a beautiful textural dimension to the piece.

23 October 2012

halloween and autumn elegance.

Two words that I typically do not see placed together are Halloween and Elegance. I am very familiar with the many tacky, unattractive Halloween decorations that exist. Halloween is a holiday that never struck me as a being very elegant. Here are a few Halloween decorations that have inspired me to rethink Halloween decorating. These ideas are sophisticated, fun, whimsical and beautiful. 

Autumn is a season full of natural beauty. The pumpkin is typically used as the most familiar Autumn decoration. Here are a few pumpkins that have been decorated in some very unfamiliar ways. I think they look just smashing!

16 October 2012

t h o r.

I am very fond of this sliding door cabinet from Oly Studio. "Thor", as it is called, is made from a combination of materials. They include hand carved hardwood, resin doors and a steel base. The wood is available in two different finishes and the doors may be done in a silver or gold resin. The metal base is also customizable. Finishes include bronze, silver and gold. This is a very simple, contemporary piece. It has clean lines and is quite handsome. Inside the cabinet are sturdy shelves that provide great storage. The thing I find most appealing about this cabinet are the resin doors. The use of that material with the hardwood creates a cabinet that is rich and full of texture. It adds a very nice dimension to the piece. Because this is such a versatile piece of furniture, it may be used in many different rooms throughout the house.

09 October 2012


This very cool one-of-a-kind vintage robot clock definitely fuels my excitement for robot "things". The Minuteman clock - as the it is called, is a steampunk design made entirely from found antique and vintage parts. Each clock is hand made by Van Dusen Clockworks and is given an authenticity tag, a number and a name. "Leroy", shown here, is fully functional and will be sure to keep you on time. Check it out from Vintage and Modern.

02 October 2012

Georgetown Jingle 2012 Press Photograph.

Patrick and Patient Ambassador, Hannah.     photo: Kevin Allen.

For the second year in a row I am honored to be a part of the Georgetown JingleThe Georgetown Jingle was created in 2006 by the Four Seasons Hotel and members of the Washington design community to raise critical revenue for the Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, Blood and Marrow Transplantation Program at Georgetown University Hospital. Over the past six years, the Jingle has raised $1.5 million.

This year the event will take place on 16 December 2012 at The Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC. It will feature Christmas trees designed by Washington, DC area interior designers that are auctioned off to benefit the Georgetown Jingle. For more information click here.