20 December 2010

17 December 2010

Helios Fireplace.

While I may not suggest placing a collection of rare books close to the flame, the 'Helios' Fireplace from CosiHome is very cool. Ignited with a remote control, the flame is protected by 8mm of safety glass. This book shelf would work well in a contemporary space where there is a good deal of ventilation, space and the understanding that it is probably best to keep books and objects far to the left side. This piece will certainly spark some interesting conversation.

14 December 2010

Vintage Steamer Trunks.

These steamer trunks can be used for a variety of purposes. They would look great as a lamp table, coffee table, lining trunk or stunning storage solution. The trunks are upholstered in calfskin with a leather top. The straps studding and leather edge protectors have been cut and skived to required width and thickness. The locks are vintage pieces from architectural salvage. There are a limited number available from Denro Home.

09 December 2010

Vintage Bookshelf.

i, a furniture company from Singapore has launched this Vintage bookshelf by Jaren Goh. Jaren explains, I designed Vintage with the purpose of blending the flamboyance of the baroque style with the simplicity of the contemporary approach. I hope the resulting product will be something our eyes can easily fall in love with.” The bookcase can be easily adapted to any contemporary interior settings and add some charm and warmth to them. It can also be a jewel piece used to house beloved literature or to simply display a trinket or two. This is a Vintage bookcase can easily unite the past and present.

08 December 2010

Charging Station.

I like this handsome charging station from Ralph Lauren. The rectangular box is elegantly rendered from smooth calfskin and finished with polished nickel detail for a modern look. The dual level box keeps belongings and electronics neatly in order. There is a base to charge a mobile phone with a back clip to conceal any cords. A handy drawer at the bottom can stow accessories and keys. This elegant charging station would look excellent on a gentleman's dresser... especially mine.

03 December 2010

Motif Tea Lights

I really like the images on these Motif Tea Light Holders from Cox & Cox. The three white glass tea light holders have vintage motifs of a crown, a heart and a hand. They would look brilliant set around a room during this festive time of year. They would also make a beautiful host or hostess gift.

01 December 2010

Making an Entrance.

I believe that even the actual entrance to a room should be beautiful. Lualdi, is know for creating sharp, attractive and sophisticated doors. Recently, they unveiled a collection of doors by renowned American Architects and Designers. The door pictured here is by David Rockwell. According to Lualdi, "David Rockwell uses sumptuous materials to form a door that is both highly crafted and entirely modern. Made of a rich walnut, either dark or bleached, with a brushed antique bronze frame, the significant feature of the door is the handle, a vertical bar wrapped in leather, which runs its entire length. Inspired by Rockwell’s design for the hand-carved entrance doors to the Chambers Hotel, the handle introduces guests to the sensory, tactile experience of the space. One version of the door features a thin metal frame along the edge that can be specified in a variety of metals to complement the veneer choice. A second version makes a bolder statement with a vibrant pop of color applied to a horizontal strip that divides the door in half."

29 November 2010

Globe Doorknob Fisheye.

Ever wonder what is happening in a room just beyond the other side of the door? Well, now it is possible to do that - in a discreet and rather tasteful manner. Hideyuki Nakayama's glass globe doorknob serves a special purpose while looking quite attractive. It enables you to see the scene on the other side of the door in its depths, giving you a preview of what's going on in the next room before you turn the knob.

In conjunction with Design Tide Tokyo, architect Hideyuki Nakayama – a protégé of Toyo Ito – has teamed up with UNION, a manufacturer of door handles and levers, to create a glass globe doorknob. This concept is very simple and very cool. You approach the doorknob and catch a glimpse of what appears to be another world, waiting for you to enter and join, but in fact is a reflection of the room on the other side of the door.

18 November 2010

A Crane and Wrecking Ball.

I have been finding things lately that are just plain whimsical and fun. The unexpected has also been something I have been attracted to. Such is the case with these cool lamps from Carpenters Workshop Gallery. The lamps are artistic creations that are made of bronze and have been produced in an extremely limited number. You may choose the Crane lamp symbolic of building or creation, or the Wrecking Ball lamp, symbolic of tearing down or destruction. These lamps would be a smashing addition to the corporate offices of any construction firm.

12 November 2010

Keith Haring Chairs.

Keith Haring (1958-1990) was an artist and social activist who was first recognized for the chalk drawings he did in the subways of NYC. Haring was greatly inspired by graffiti art, which you can clearly see by looking at one of his most famous drawings: "the radiant baby", (above). Manufacturer, Vilac, has created a variety of products that were inspired by Keith Haring's art. The great colorful graphics on these wooden chairs by Haring make them bold, whimsical, artistic, nostalgic and are sure to look great in any kid's room. They would also work well as a single "jewel piece" set perfectly in a contemporary or modern home. In fact, I can think of a dozen more places these chairs would feel right at home...

10 November 2010

BeoSound 8.

I really like the new BeoSound 8 from Bang & Olufsen. If you keep your music on an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or computer, you are essentially all set to discover the iconic and breathtaking sound that has made Bang & Olufsen one of the most sought-after names in home audio. It is possible to move the BeoSound 8 from room to room or hang it on a wall. All you need is a power outlet and your music player of choice. The speakers are a conical shape that seem to 'disappear' to create an unobtrusive impression from most viewing angles and make placement easier. In terms of audio quality, they eliminate standing waves by avoiding parallel surfaces. While Bang & Olufsen says that may sound very technical, they claim the proof is in the experience.

09 November 2010


I believe that even the simple things we use in our everyday lives should be attractive. This Flexibin is one of the more attractive waste baskets I have seen. I just have two questions. Is it the innovative design and concept of the waste basket that makes it so attractive? Or, is this waste basket just as attractive when it is actually in use?

08 November 2010


The best of both worlds. The Duplex Aquarium/Cage by Constance Guisset features an improbable encounter between a bird and a fish. The aquarium is thermoformed to create a space where a bird in the cage below can fly in and be at the same visual level as a fish. This is more than just your typical bird cage, it is truly a work of art and a great deal of fun!

04 November 2010

Cigar Clock?

When I first saw this Nelson clock I immediately thought of a collection of cigars arranged in a wheel shape. It's actually called the Wheel Wall Clock. I see it as a funky accessory in a upscale Cigar Bar or maybe a sophisticated Gentleman's Club. The clock is made of dark stained solid walnut wood with aluminum varnished end caps. Vitra has produced this clock in Poland following the original design documents from the Nelson archive with permission from the George Nelson estate.

01 November 2010

Honeycomb Vase.

The Honeycomb Vase designed by Eric Hilton for Steuben Glass is artfully sandblasted to create the illusion that the precisely positioned circles of transparent glass are but airy perforations in the glowing column. An intriguing sculpture on its own, it makes a stylish receptacle for branches or long-stemmed blooms. The vase measures 16" high and is priced at $3,700.00. A votive candle holder is also available.

28 October 2010

Halve Bookends.

These Halve bookends from The Well Dressed Home are a lot of fun. They are adorable and whimsical and able to be personalized. It is possible to create your own look by placing things like corks, match books, buttons, sand, shells or even water and gold fish in them. I especially like the gold fish and it is because of that cool idea that I chose to post this here.

27 October 2010

Thom Browne for Baccarat

ashion Designer, Thom Browne recently announced that he is collaborating with the world renowned Baccarat to produce his own line of stemware. The collection includes five pieces: water glass, white wine glass, short Champagne coupe, tall Champagne coupe, and red wine glass.

Mr. Browne sought inspiration from his collection of vintage Champagne coupes and his personal collection of china in designing the pieces. To add an additional twist to this elegant and sophisticated stemware ensemble, Thom Browne also included some sporty elements, the shapes and height of a visual display of aligned trophies. This exquisite stemware retails for $3,500.00 for the five pieces.

25 October 2010

Moose Head.

If you are craving something very extraordinary, unique and ravishingly expensive for over your fireplace mantle then look no further. Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders has created the "One Minute Moose Head". The sculpture is made from glazed clay with a golden luster. Perhaps a modern home of an art collector would be the perfect place to install this Moose Head. I certainly cannot see it hanging in a cozy ski lodge. I like how imaginative this piece is and therefore I wanted to post it here.

22 October 2010

Laser Cut Lampshades.

A beautiful collection of Laser Cut Lampshades is available from Stellavie. The range consists of whimsical themes to more classic or even baroque styles. The lampshades are made from premium quality fine paper and is then laser cut. When switched on the pattern is evenly illuminated by a light diffusing inlay shade made of polystyrene. The lampshade is constructed by three identical pieces of paper which achieve a diameter of 25cm when joined.
Thereby sewn-like looking transitions are created, which connect the lampshade in three symmetrical pieces. The paper in use shows a slightly structured, beautifully shimmering surface in a golden color. The shades are unique, eye-catching and can instantly add some new personality to a old lamp base.

20 October 2010

Butler Tables.

These Butler Tables are not just ordinary tray tables. They are beautiful and highly versatile pieces of furniture that are easily set up and taken down. The tables shown here, from B&N Industries, are available in extremely durable vinyl laminate, acrylic, and high grade leather vinyls that perfectly mimic Buffalo, Crocodile, and Shagreen. Glass tops are available by special order. The base of each table is made from a sophisticated, polished stainless steel. The overall look is contemporary and elegant. They are available in a variety of sizes and will not only work in a residential setting, but also in a retail store or even a corporate office. The functionality of these tables are quite vast!

18 October 2010

Hollywood Glamour.

One of the easiest ways to make a room look and appear larger is to add a mirror. In the case of this triple floor mirror it would also add a touch of sophistication and glamour to a room. It reminds me of the Hollywood Glamour popular throughout the 1950s and 1960s. This mirror is trimmed with exotic leather, is beautifully beveled with a suede studded frame and punctuated by chrome trim. The mirror is custom made in about 6-8 weeks and is available from Plantation in custom sizes.

13 October 2010

Mushroom Lamps

These lamps from Japan, use mushroom-shaped LEDs and found bits of driftwood and salvage lumber to create something that has a kitsch or whimsical quality. They are surely different and some of the most unique lamps I have seen. I have yet to decide where I would place such a lamp, but they are sure fun to post here.

11 October 2010


I am currently shopping for a bicycle. I think it will be a great way to get around the city as well as get some great exercise. While looking I ran into this bicycle from Hermès. I must say I was surprised to see that it is now possible to purchase a bicycle from Hermès. While it is not my first choice, I could not resist posting it here. The bicycle comes in a lacquered stainless steel. The frame, handles and saddle is finished in Taurillon Clemence leather. It comes with a kickstand, front and back lighting, carrier with bungy cord, mud flap and spoke protector. It is priced at around $4,000.00

07 October 2010

Suitcase Chair.

While Katie Thompson's collection of Suitcase Chairs may not be my first selection when furnishing a home, her imaginative and whimsical creation is just plain fun. Artistic and clever, this broken old brown suitcase, having been around the block a few times, through Africa and via Dover now takes on a glamorous new functional life as a comfortable occasional chair. Using a steel reinforced internal structure, upholstered in a contemporary wide purple stripe fabric and dark timber tapered legs. The fun does not stop there, Thompson also offers an extensive range of recycled lighting and decorative accessories.

05 October 2010

Hand-Painted Ricepaper.

Wallpaper is an exciting way to dress up walls and create more impact than just paint alone. It can also be considered art for the walls. There are so many different varieties available that it may sometimes be difficult to choose. I recently discovered a collection of Hand-Painted Ricepaper Wall Coverings from Anya Larkin that is simply beautiful.

Taken from the Anya Larkin website, "Anya Larkin is a most passionate designer who brings the highest level of artistry to everything she touches. Wall coverings, like fine works of art, add feeling and depth to a room. It is a pleasant emotion - created by layers of uncompromising craftsmanship. Larkin patiently mixes subtle reflections of light, with thoughtful, intellectual patterns and textures reminiscent of the sublime Zen of oriental art. For Larkin the wall and the spaces in between are vast canvases for her endless artistry.

Larkin's work is both infinite and timeless, reflecting a passion for nature, antiquity and that elusive element...comfortable elegance. Her designs are a fine balance between contrasts. Classic, yet modern. Asian in mood, yet European in opulence. Practical, yet theatrical.

Larkin occupies an important place in the modern era of design as a creator whose talent moves through unlimited horizons. Trained as a fine artist, Larkin has also applied her artistry to "fine silk canvases" created for many of the world's best-known couturiers and worn by the world's most notable women. Larkin's artistic integrity and genius has been recognized both by the Louvre's Decorative Arts Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Her wallpapers are housed in their permanent collection and are frequently on public display."