08 August 2008


Fun, Fun, Fun. I think the Concerto Table from Lovegrove and Repucci is Most Excellent. Available in black or white high gloss enamel, this multi-functional piece of furniture was sent my way by Megan.

The Concerto Table seeks to transform the experience of the modern dinner party by combining the use of a dining table with the elegant curvature of a grand piano.

Adapting the visual sensibility of an old baby grand piano, the table cleverly accommodates the issue of the many forgotten piano lessons of youth by providing a docking slot for your iPod. Simply download your favorite music onto your iPod, plug it in and instantly the Concerto Table becomes both dining surface and dinner party background music at once.

Lovegrove & Repucci recognize that furniture has to be multi-functional. The Concerto Table comfortably accommodates space for the home office as well as still leaving room to eat and listen to music as you work.
Finished for the day? Simply place your laptop and papers in the center tray and close the lid.

You may download musical selections from the manufacturer's collection of playlists for the evening's entertainment.

Use the table for a pre-dinner cocktail and hors d’oeuvres spread. Then enlist the guests that arrive first to set the table for dinner. They won’t mind at all as your cutlery are neatly tucked into the Concerto Table’s drawer.

As soon as the soundboard is closed dinner can be served. The music will still be heard as the backdrop to your dinner conversation with that striking art dealer sitting next to you. The Concerto Table transforms not only your space but the entire evening into an unforgettable dining experience.


Dimensions: 70”x58”x29”
Electronics: Apple AV Connection Kit with remote control, compatible with all iPods
Speakers: 2 x 50watt two-way speakers, 6.5’ x 1”
Amplification: 130watt
Materials: Finish plywood, poplar, stainless steel
Finishes: Bright white or black high gloss enamel

Price: $14,000.00 usd + shipping