30 October 2008

Trend Spotted: Skull-and-Bones.

Look around and you may have seen Skull-and-Bones decorating home furnishings, fashion accessories, clothing, etc. Lifestyle designer, Ralph Lauren, has the Skull-and-Bones all over his Rugby collection for men and women. Many of the photographs here are taken from the Rugby website. The Skull-and-Bones has also, commonly, been associated as the symbol for poison. A trend that started to appear over a year ago briefly gained my attention. However, something about the quirky and mysterious symbol has started to intrigue me. In the case of Ralph Lauren Rugby, the symbol may play special homage to the elite Yale University secret society Skull and Bones. (see photo above).

29 October 2008

Patterned Tiles. Casamood.

These toile and damask patterned tiles from Casamood are Most Excellent. Used in select commercial and residential applications they will leave a very distinct mark. Both the toile and damask tiles are available in giant panels that bring allure to high-spray spots like the bathroom or kitchen. They may also be used in lieu of wallpaper for a very polished appearance on any wall surface. The chinoiserie toile tile, (shown below), is used on the side wall of a retail store. The stripe on the wall is an excellent foil to the tile and definitely a smart idea considering a huge wall of toile tile may become a bit tiresome. Therefore, this tile should be used in moderation and strictly to add dramatic punch to an interior design.

The Casamood website has a wealth of very different and unique tiles to choose from. The tiles shown here are also available in different colors. All would make any ordinary environment rather extraordinary.

28 October 2008

Mama Shelter, Paris.

Paris has a new, Most Excellent hotel!

Mama Shelter, located in the heart of the Village Saint Blaise, is a 172-room, boutique hotel launched in September. Catering to those wanting to experience a unique side of Paris, Mama Shelter offers guests an insider take on the “City of Lights,” allowing them to discover Paris like a local.

Mama Shelter’s accommodations, designed in collaboration with Philippe Starck, include rooms of various sizes and color schemes equipped with kitchenettes, luxurious bedding, and the latest in Apple technology. The best part of this well-designed refuge is a sparkling price point that will not devour travelers’ vacation budgets. Rooms range from $120 to $460 per night.

Satisfying body and mind, the Mama Shelter lobby features cold cabinets with meals available to the guests 24 hours a day, while a special yoga room offers visitors a break from travel stress. Thrill seekers can rent electric scooters or motorbikes to zip around town like a local, and those looking for a pampering Paris tour can schedule limousine service with dedicated chauffeurs.

Chef Alain Senderens heads up the restaurant in the base of the hotel featuring modern French cuisine.

24 October 2008

Thompson. Lower East Side.

We're staying at the brand new Thompson Lower East Side for our Autumn visit to New York City. The glitzy, slick and super contemporary structure was built from the ground up in New York City's up and coming Lower East Side.

This sister hotel to 60 Thompson, SoHo; Donovan House, Washington, DC; Thompson, Beverly Hills and The Roosevelt, Hollywood to name a few, promises to be all that and then some.

Thompson LES is a luxury hotel located on Allen Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side, amid the creative energy of one of the city's most innovative neighborhoods. Guests are within walking distance of Soho, Chinatown and Little Italy. The Lower East Side features some the city's most exciting small boutiques, restaurants and clubs. The hotel embodies clean, industrial New York style and it does so with a modern flair. Thompson LES features an on-site fitness center and a 24-hour concierge. Complimentary wireless internet service and business services are both available. Guestrooms boast Frette robes, Sferra linens and mini bars stocked by Dean & DeLuca.

One of the Most Excellent details of this property is the pool. A stylized portrait of artist Andy Warhol is painted at the bottom of the pool. Additionally, staff uniforms were designed by Rogan, New York City. Details. Details... it's all about the details. And the experience!

23 October 2008

GOOP - By Gwyneth Paltrow.

Guess who has a brand new lifestyle newsletter? Gwyneth Paltrow.

By visiting her website, called "GOOP", you can sign up to receive Gwyneth's ideas and thoughts on travel, cooking, eating, taking care of yourself, fashion, what to see, do and get.

Do we have a rising, up and coming Martha Stewart on our hands?

I guess the only way to know is to "nourish the inner aspect" and sign up for Gwyneth's words and world of wisdom.
I am.

22 October 2008

The Union Jack. Dan Marty Design, California.

Dan Marty has many treasures on his website. Among them are these Most Excellent furnishings and accessories featuring the Union Jack Flag.

The Dan Marty style has been described as European Colonial meets California laid back ease. It is a warm, comfortable look that combines the elements of West Coast living, Old World tradition and distant exotic destinations.

Pond Yachts - ranging in size. Starting at $2,500.00 each

21 October 2008

Loyal Loot's Log Bowls.

Loyal Loot's Log Bowls are Most Excellent. I love the modern mix of the slick contemporary glossy bowl housed inside the rustic chunk of log. This accessory would be a beautiful element, in the right place, during this time of year. A grouping of the bowls, in a variety of colors and sizes, would be key. What a fun twist on such a nice natural element!

Each bowl is handmade by a collective of Canadian women. They are made from actual logs, (birch, willow, poplar, cherry, or mayday) and then painted with acrylic paint and varathane. There are five sizes to choose from. Prices range from $34.00 - $100.00 depending on size.

20 October 2008

Ironworks. Philip Nimmo.

These three side tables from Philip Nimmo Ironworks are Most Excellent. Sculptural, simple, understated and elegant they can work in any setting from traditional to contemporary to somewhere in between.

Philip Nimmo Ironworks, who also manufacturers home accessories such as fire screens, tools, andirons and lighting, is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship & customer service. The company understands the need for customization and are continuously working with clients on new design specifications, sizes and shapes as required. With an huge abundance of iron finishes, shapes and designs to work from, Philip Nimmo is successful in executing custom work exactly in accordance with the designer's concept.