10 August 2013

Washington, DC Loft Dining Room


A vintage sideboard, chairs and a stunning painting decorate a small dining room alcove. Our intention was to create a dramatic, yet inviting space.

photos: Ben Tankersley

08 August 2013

Washington, DC Loft Living Room.

A Washington, DC Loft Living Room is designed with an intermingling of eclectic pieces of furniture and accessories. Details such as a handmade jade green porcelain lamp, hand forged iron accent and coffee tables, lead crystal cube ceiling lights and a fun and dynamic piece of art combine harmoniously in this space we are very proud to present here.

29 June 2013

20 March 2013

"Smoke and Mirrors"

I love furniture with personality. This storage console, which may be used as a dining room sideboard, buffet or as additional storage in a den or has quite a strong personality. I refer to a piece of furniture such as this as a "jewel piece". Used minimally, a "jewel piece" brings that special dash of spice to a room. It is a piece of furniture that punctuates the design of a room rather than defines it. This lovely "Smoke and Mirrors" console has four mirrored door fronts from Italy and bronze finished metal on the base and door grille. Drawers and adjustable shelves are located inside the cabinet. Caracole Furniture manufactures this closed storage console in a dry walnut Amaretto finish. Delicious!


05 March 2013

Picture perfect in the City.

Sometimes a picture is worth one thousand words. This picture of this stunning terrace in New York City is worth two thousand words. The bright white, pale blue and electric green furniture and accessories by Dedon "Pop" with excitement as set with the New York City skyline behind. Having an outdoor space in any city, especially Manhattan, is almost essential. I like to think of a space like this as a sanctuary. Free from the hustle and bustle, noise, crowds and distractions. I was immediately drawn to this photo because I would love to use this space as a place to lounge, relax, entertain, read the morning newspaper or just be.

15 February 2013

look closely.

The "Urchin"

I love when artists use found objects to create pieces of art. This interesting and very textural light fixture is from Stuart Haygarth, a lighting designer in London. At first glance you may not be able to tell what the unique fixture is made of. However, when you look closely, you discover that the ceiling mounted piece is actually created from thousands of spectacle arms that are linked together. This is not just lighting, it is art! The flush mount light fixture comes in three different forms and houses strings of LED lights. The illumination from the fixture is smooth and refined. It is definitely worth a visit to Stuart's website. His light fixtures, such as the "Urchin" shown here, are all made from a variety of found objects, etc. My recommendation is to look very closely and enjoy.

Spectacle arms are linked together to create the "Urchin" light fixture.

Another variation in size.

Look closely!

06 February 2013


I like the contemporary sensibility of the Callan chair from Room and Board. The chair looks comfortable, well made and offers an elegant profile with a soft, fluid and uncomplicated shape. The seat and seat back appear to float inside the chair frame adding to it's somewhat Danish Modern appeal. I like the fact that the chair can work with so many design styles from modern to transitional. It has it's own personality which makes it a terrific accent chair. It's also made of solid walnut which tends to be a hallmark of fine quality and craftsmanship.

05 February 2013

look who is back!

Ever since I designed the Show house for the HGTV competition series, "Showhouse Showdown", I have found the Cockatoo  a fun and quirky imsgr to place randomly in a home. For the show, I placed a large limited edition print of a Cockatoo above the master bedroom bed just for the fun of it. Granted the room was designed to capture the interest of a television audience, but why not be silly with design sometimes? Tastefully silly! An unexpected accessory, such as the pillow above, can start conversations, place a smile on someone's face or bring cheer to each day. This vibrant orange and marigold colored linen pillow has the image of a cockatoo. The 20" x 20" pillow, imported from Australia immediately made me chuckle so I thought it would be an uplifting blog entry for today. Check it out from Apartment 48 in New York.

A limited edition photograph of the head of a cockatoo adds a touch of whimsy to this bedroom I designed for HGTV's competition television series "Showhouse Showdown"

22 January 2013


There is something incredibly entrancing about the "Guilt Mirror" from Koket. With a diameter of 63", this mirror is designed to make a statement. It is bold, dramatic and would work well in a contemporary, modern or transitional space. The piece is beautifully hand-made from hammered and textured metal and is available in matte gold, silver or copper metal. It is no surprise that Koket refers to their mirror as "The new mood of metal".

16 January 2013


A beautiful, contemporary table introduced to me by Grey Furniture this afternoon. Simply called the "Wire table", it is shown here with a powder-coated steel lattice base and a grey tempered glass top. I love the linear, geometric design of the base table base combined with the smooth sophistication of the table top. The grey glass is a very nice touch. This table would make the perfect "jewel piece" for the center of a living room furniture grouping. Combined with understated modern furniture, this table would shine with eclectic excitement.

14 January 2013

go with the flow.

 I am fond of the smooth flowing lines of "Luna Chair" by Goebel & Co. Furniture. The chair, which is available in Walnut, Cherry and White Oak is designed with joints that come together in a seamless sweeping transition throughout the frame. Fiber webbing straps compose the seat body. The beauty of the material is that it slightly deflects to accommodate the preferred seating position of it's owner. This is a chair that you "break in". Furniture that is built to last and has the ability to create a special seating experience for it's owner is an investment worth making.