22 August 2008

Tile. Shower Heads and Light.

I think these shower heads are Most Excellent. Light filters through a cascading stream of water down from the ceiling. The look is dramatic, unexpected and very cool. Available in either a recessed version, (pictured below), or as a mounted square or rectangle ceiling fixture. The lighted shower head is available to the trade from PSCBATH.

Although they have still not made it to the market, I think the LED bath tiles are a very interesting idea. They will either be very successful or they will make their way into the hands of those with no taste and just ruin it for the rest of us. The waterproof bath tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, (see specifications below). The tiles snap together Lego style and have a repeating connectivity scheme, much like model train tracks, except these light up and illuminate your kitchen or bathroom. And the layouts aren't static, they can be changed at a whim. Because I have not seen the tiles in "action" and there still is not enough solid information regarding them, I am not sure if I can classify them as Most Excellent just yet. I am intrigued with the idea.

LED Waterproof tile specifications - Shapes and Sizes.