27 February 2009


This bearskin rug is unlike any that I have seen before. This creation definitely takes a turn from the expected. That's because it is made of urethane rubber!

Netherlands designer, Eelko Moorer specifically hand-casts each rug, making each one unique. The rug measures 70.75" x 61" and weighs approximately 110 lbs. It is designed to be laid flat on the floor, or hung on the wall. At $9,800.00 this Most Excellent floor covering can be yours from Moss.

26 February 2009

Tranquility Through Yoga.

Megan and I are excited to have been chosen co-yogis of the month at Tranquil Space Yoga Studio here in Washington, DC for March 2009. Yoga is one of my favorite creative and spiritual outlets. It is also an amazing physical workout and wonderful escape from the stressors of modern day life.

25 February 2009

Around Clock.

Chic, simple and very smart, the Lexon Around Clock was designed by Anthony Dickens. This Most Excellent clock precisely rotates to tell time in the most stylish fashion. At just $22.00, this small clock makes a big impression.

To purchase check out Unica Home.

24 February 2009

Mannequin Lamps.

These Mannequin Lamps from Daniel Loves Objects Lighting are Most Excellent. They definitely gave me a good laugh when I first saw them.

This re-interpretation of the classical lamp results in a movable mannequin that takes on a whole new form and style. The gold plated figures, pictured here without wires for visualization sake, have individual joints that permit you to move the "figure" any which way you choose.

20 February 2009

God Save The Queen.

Karen Hilton's individually handmade Queen Elizabeth II and Union Jack Pillows are available in a variety of exciting colors. Each Most Excellent cushion is made from thick natural cotton drill fabric and high quality felt. They have lovely machine stiched embroidered details. These pillow are 42cm x 42cm large, with a removable cover and polyester filled pillow form.

Place one of these whimsical pillows as a quirky and fun detail in either a contemporary or more traditional interior space.

Karen Hilton pillows may be purchased by clicking here.

19 February 2009


It's important for me to remain as organized as possible. It's also important for me to remain as organized as possible while remaining as stylish as possible. I am also a detail person, so naturally I pay close attention to something as small as the paperclips I use.

The Clipiola round-shaped paperclips are Most Excellent. These unique and chic Italian paper clips by Cavallini add a fun touch to your paperwork. The elegant spiral design does a great job of holding important papers together without leaving indentations, and they add a nice look while organizing. Made by Cavallini and Co., these Clipiola paper clips come in a little metal tin with 125 clips.

They may be purchased here.

18 February 2009


The "Emma" chair from Hickory Chair is Most Excellent. Part of the Thomas O'Brien collection, this chair adds eclectic lift to a contemporary room. Paired with fully upholstered chairs and finished sleek wood, the chair adds quite a punctuation to a well-dressed room.

The Emma chair’s blend of Continental and English details, carved and painted motifs and textured rub through finish recall the time-worn beauty of an antique chair discovered by O’Brien in a small New York antique store.

17 February 2009

Nordic Style.

I never gave much thought to Nordic Style until my friend Matt sent me this piece from Apartment Therapy. Most Excellent details include the huge collection of artwork over the two chairs above, the antique bakery sign, (below), and the calming, neutral color palette.

12 February 2009

Cowboy Kitsch.

I think these cowboy coasters from Accoutrements are a great deal of fun. A small touch of kitsch can add needed novelty or relief to a traditional or extremely minimal setting. They would also be a neat detail in a contemporary home. Each set includes four different, 3-3/4" (9.5 cm) square, cork-backed coasters featuring classic images from the Old West. They come in a clear acetate box with illustrated label.

11 February 2009

Kooky Trophy Heads.

Loaded with super cool music, outrageously fun and whimsical gifts, toys, accessories, art, books, etc., I think the Base website is Most Excellent. This awesome store, located on Lincoln Road in South Beach, Florida, is definitely worth a visit.

Pictured here a few of their large trophy heads. Priced from around $670.00 to $695.00 each, Base claims that these accessories are "Perfect for: A globetrotting, gin loving hipster with at least an 800 sq. ft apartment who is confidant enough to combine kooky, cool and offbeat. None of the above? Try parking this on a plain concrete wall, in a handy alcove or hallway, or just above a door. Works for us!" Works for me!

Click baseworld.com

10 February 2009

The Extraordinary in Hide. Kyle Bunting.

With so many different patterns and brilliant colors to choose from, the hide rugs, wall coverings and upholstery applications from Kyle Bunting are just beautiful and certainly Most Excellent.

"With their groundbreaking collection, Kyle Bunting is redefining how hide is used in interior applications. Recognized foremost for their collection of luxury hide carpets and wall coverings, the company also supplies hides for architectural and upholstery applications. Since its inception, the company has completed thousands of projects for design professionals and private clients throughout the world. Today, Kyle and his team of contributing designers operate and find inspiration in their design studio outside Austin in the Texas Hill Country."

Visit kylebunting.com

06 February 2009

Love Luxe.

Available in three different sizes, configurations and fabrics, I love the Luxe Sofa from the John Charles Designs collection at American Leather.

This well-made hardwood framed sofa features an advanced unidirectional suspension system as well as premium high density, high resiliency foam cushioning. Welt cord trim and button tufting complete the smart sleek 1940's inspired silhouette. This Most Excellent gem is also as comfortable as it is chic.

Prices for the sofa start at $4,750.00; a matching love seat, chair, and ottoman are also offered.

05 February 2009

Jimmie Martin, Ltd. does Wallpaper!

First came their awesome and completely eccentric furniture. Now, Jimmie Martin, Ltd. carries their unique craft to wild, Most Excellent wallpaper. Here are just a few of their super cool selections.

Each of these Jimmie Martin designs is priced individually at a fixed design rate. As a client you then pay a print cost per square meter needed, which is then added to the fixed design rate.

Each image can also be printed and cropped to the shape and size of your wall. You may also change the colors to suit your interior even better.

To place an order or if you have any inquiries regarding the layout and pricing, please contact Jimmie Martin via email or phone +44 (0)2070339507

04 February 2009

Glass Octopus.

The Glass Octopus created by Jennifer Umphress is a very fun, whimsical and gorgeous display piece for almost any room.

Each bespoke octopus is a magnificent glass replica of one of The Deep's most mysterious (and intelligent) invertebrates. Each octopus is a true masterpiece -- it takes an entire day for the US-based artist to hand sculpt a unique arrangement of slithering arms and suction cups. They vary in price and come in several different glass colors. For more information click here.

03 February 2009

The Liberty Hotel. Boston.

The Liberty Hotel in Boston is Most Excellent. Not only is it beautifully designed, it has a fascinating history. Taken from their website, here is what The Liberty Hotel has to say:

"Completed in 1851, the original building was a collaboration between architect Gridley James Fox Bryant, widely considered Boston’s most accomplished architect of the time, and Rev. Louis Dwight, a prominent Yale-educated penologist whose travels shaped his interest in and advocacy for prison reform. Thought to be one of the best examples of the “Boston Granite Style” of the mid-19th century, the building “resonated with a strength and dignity appropriate for the era and for Bostonians’ sensibilities,” said historians.

In 1973, after 120 years of housing some of Boston’s most notorious criminals, prisoners revolted because of poor living conditions and the jail was declared unfit and in violation of the inmates’ constitutional rights. On Memorial Day weekend 1990, the last prisoners were moved to the new Suffolk County Jail. In 1991, Massachusetts General Hospital acquired the obsolete property and sought proposals for its reuse, requiring that significant elements of the building be preserved. In 2001, Carpenter & Company was designated the developer of the project, and entered into a lease agreement with MGH for the land and the jail itself.

The transformation of the site into a hotel is the work of a team of designers and architects collaborating with historians and conservationists from the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the Boston Landmarks Commission, the National Park Service and the Boston Redevelopment Authority to ensure that the end result is a careful balance between preservation and dynamic new use.

Shown here are some snapshots of the dramatic, innovative and sophisticated Liberty Hotel. I especially love the name of it's signature restaurant... "Clink".