05 August 2008

Color your life. In LivingColor.

The Philips LivingColor lamp mini - available in December 2008

I'm looking forward to December when Philips will release their LivingColors lamp mini. This Most Excellent lamp, sent my way by Matty in New York, is Philips attempt to capitalize on the success of the original lamp, (shown below), by releasing a mini version that features 256 different color modes and an updated look. They also ditched the remote this time around for an integrated color wheel on the device itself, which may or may not be a negative depending on whether or not you have a tendency to lose things. The LivingColors lamp mini will be available starting in December for around $168.

Lighting is so important to any interior design. It is a proven fact that lighting is directly responsible for causing both negative and positive feelings in people. A simple example of that fact is the design of a corporate space that utilizes bland bright florescent lighting set into a ceiling as opposed to a room with soft up light and as is the case with the Philips LivingColor light - a spectrum of colors. Which would you prefer? I know I have never had a residential design client who wanted to install florescent lighting throughout their home. Such lighting is typically reserved for commercial settings and that trend is quickly changing. Color is definitely about mood - thus the term "mood lighting". Now it is possible to select a color to go with any mood you may have - hence the idea of "coloring your life". People even look better in colored light. A simple example is the use of colored lights in the lighting design of most theatrical productions. Light can be very exciting and this Philips mini lamp is sure to create a big impression in many different interior environments.

The LivingColor mini lamp in use

Philips larger LivingColor lamp with remote control

Larger lamp in use