28 August 2008

Art, Function and Form: David Wiseman

David Wiseman is a man of many talents. His Resin Ceiling Relief Sculptures and Branch Chandeliers are Most Excellent. He also works with porcelain, bronze and glass to create stunning vases, sculptural fireplace screens and whimsical Deer hat hangers made from gypsum cement, glass fiber, paint and flocking. I have placed photographs of his bespoke ceiling sculptures and branch chandeliers here. For more information on David's work, please click http://www.dwiseman.com

As stated on his website:

"David Wiseman’s work communicates an original vision for art, function, and form.

His unique aesthetic is informed by his deep appreciation for subtleties in nature, such as the texture of bark or a pattern of moss growing on a rock. In his practice, David highlights these details, and brings his distinct perception of the wilderness to his objects.

His work has been acquired by notable collections, has appeared in numerous publications, and most recently, has been selected for the Design Triennial at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution."

Resin Ceiling Relief Sculpture

Resin Ceiling Relief Sculpture (detail)

Branch Chandelier

Branch Chandelier (detail)

More Branches: Ceiling Relief Sculpture

David Wiseman