23 May 2011

Horse Lamp.

I can always count on Moooi to deliver some of the most wild, whimsical and unusual twists on the expected. This is the Horse Lamp from Moooi. This piece would bring sharp attention to the interior design of a room. I would actually love to see the reaction of an individual encountering such a lamp in a contemporary loft or an art collector's home. This is not your everyday piece and I certainly do not have one on order for one of my next design projects. But it is fun, fun, fun. Sometimes an outrageous lamp, such as a life size horse is not only enough to spark conversation, but it may encourage some jaw-dropping responses.

According to Moooi, "The Horse lamp by Front is faithful to the true dimensions of the animal bringing a touch of nature in fairytale style and genuine madness. By rejecting abstraction and taking inspiration from a living creature it delivers a powerful emotive content that never fails to elicit a strong response from onlookers. Who wouldn't want a horse lamp to light up their home? Furniture to fall in love with at first sight or hate forever."

16 May 2011


Kickball was never a favorite gym activity of mine growing up. I never gave the game much consideration until this past December. It was at that time that a friend, shared his great enthusiasm with me for the game. But what happens should a kickball, the primary object of the game, get deflated? A possible answer is to first examine why the ball got deflated in the first place. Once that is determined, you place your disappointment to the side and reinvent things.

The kickball planter is certainly a idea. A reinvention. It is functional and a great way of taking a deflated kickball and allowing it to become something new. It keeps the deflated ball from being tossed into a landfill. It may not be the perfect, gorgeous home accessory. But, it captured my attention. That is why this kickball planter is "blog worthy".

11 May 2011

The Rules.

Sometimes it is so much easier to have a decorative accessory do the dirty work of saying what you cannot easily say but really want to. A pillow poised quietly on the sofa or a chair is a far more attractive way of establishing house rules than posting some sort of sign. These whimsical felt pillows are handmade by Alexandra Ferguson. The felt Alexandra uses is made from 100% post consumer recycled water bottles. The pillows, which are available in different color combinations, are available for purchase, here.

10 May 2011

Poetry Rug.

This Poetry Indoor/Outdoor rug available through Gump's San Francisco is certainly one of the more interesting selections I have seen this season. The rug, which is available in several sizes, including a 23" runner, is Jacquard-woven from polypropylene. This synthetic material is perfect for use outdoors because it resists mildew, mold and fading. It may be cleaned by simply spraying it down with a hose. The unique part of this rug definitely has to be the design. Words from a French poem by Jean de La Fontaine traverse this easy-care tan rug in blue script, creating a design that mixes easily with other patterns and colors.

Zoom. Close Up detail.

05 May 2011

"Hollow" Commercial Seating.

Designed by Patricia Uroquiola and made in Italy by B&B Italia, this steel, polyurethane, plastic material, and leather sofa is part of a modular compact seating collection for reception, lounge and meeting applications. The collection, called, "Hollow" boasts concave plastic panels which enhance the appearance of the lightness and give the collection its name. Numerous variations in finishes and dimensions allow the Hollow collection to be specified in diverse variations with alternative monochromatic or contrasting aesthetic options.

03 May 2011

Sustainable Danish Pine Wood Cabinet.

Using sustainable, eco-friendly materials like renewable pine and Danish oak with water-based fixatives and varnishes, Soren Rose creates the Baseline Pine Edition Cabinet for Mater. The company produces a beautiful series crafted by Denmark's oldest cabinet makers. Mater even donates a percentage of the profits for every piece purchased to promoting sports in developing countries. This allows a new generation to be inspired to play and create. This lacquered sustainable Danish Pine wood cabinet runs approximately $2,200.00