30 April 2009

Ray Caesar Book.

In January 2008 I first introduced one of my favorite artists, Ray Caesar. This past January, Ray published his first Most Excellent book.


"This book and print set is a collector's dream. Ray Caesar Art Collection: Limited Edition contains a signed copy of the newly published book, Ray Caesar Art Collection: Volume 1, but with a sleek black linen cover. This book is a complete assembly of more than 250 images and features an amazing collection of Ray's drawings, render studies, process sketches and master works. Ray's writings are also featured, revealing his personal perspective on how he began his artistic journey. Ray's paintings provide a visual codex of the more than 20 years spent working at the Toronto Children's Hospital providing a "new" voice to the digital medium. This hard bound collection features many new and unseen images that offer a glimpse into Ray's compositional process.

The limited edition book comes with a 6 collector card set, packaged in an envelope, and features a signed and numbered print, which is also in an envelope. The avid collector will not be disappointed, as many hours have been vested in the color reproduction and specialty printing techniques. The book, card set and print all come neatly packaged in a black linen, clam shell box."

S/N Edition of 500
Book : Ray Caesar Art Collection : Signed : 10 3/4" x 8 1/4" : Hardcover : 178 pages
6 Collector Cards : 4 3/4" x 3 1/4"
Print : 10 1/4" x 8"

The book is available here.

29 April 2009

B&B Italia Outdoor.

A beautiful image taken from B&B Italia's new outdoor furniture collection promotion. Shown above is the Canasta Circular Sofa, designed by Patricia Urquiola.

28 April 2009

Barbie's Dream House

In honor of her 50th birthday, Barbie is moving into a Shanghai flagship store that features everything from a spa, cafe, couture clothing salon, Vera Wang bridal boutique to hundreds of Barbie dolls. One of the Most Excellent features of the store is the staircase that connects the third through fifth levels. Custom acrylic boxes hang from steel hoops, each containing the latest model of Barbie.

Exterior of Barbie Shanghai at night.

27 April 2009

Rubis Tweezers.

If you must endure the discomfort of plucking, then I think these Most Excellent tweezers would fit perfectly into a beautifully designed bathroom.

The Rubis name was derived from Swiss watch makers who used the company’s precision tweezers to place ruby stones into watch movements. For more than a half century, Rubis has built and perfected their tradition of functional accuracy and aesthetic form. Their iconic Swiss Cross Slant Tweezers are made using a 40-step process and are hand-finished and microscope inspected before leaving the factory. These Tweezers have perfectly aligned tips that never miss, making them the tool to choose, whether for grooming, removing splinters or placing rubies into watch movements. They are available from Design Within Reach.

24 April 2009

The French Market, Georgetown.

ere is information for The French Market, an open-air shopping and culinary event that is taking place all day today and tomorrow in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Stretching from Reservoir Road to P Street, NW, along Wisconsin Avenue, this Book Hill European Market features savings from many of the fine cafes, restaurants, antique shops, art galleries and clothing boutiques. It's a great place to find all kinds of unusual and fun things.

23 April 2009

Marzipan Fruit.

Mamma Andrea, one of Sicily's most noted confectioners, creates this Most Excellent Marzipan Fruit. Not only are they beautiful and elegant in presentation, they pair well with dessert wines. The marzipan is not "painted", but lightly colored in a not too sweet mixture that is filled with pistachio preserve. A variety of presentation boxes are available.

22 April 2009

Simple Geometry.

I am quite fond of the simple geometric pattern found on this pillow from South of Market. This Most Excellent pillow would make a bold statement in any contemporary or more traditional room. It is priced at $425.00, with several variations available.

21 April 2009

Artichoke Lamp.

Available in about fifteen colors including black and white, I am quite fond of this very textural Artichoke Lamp from Stray Dog Designs. This Most Excellent table lamp is made of papier mache from recycled materials by artisans in Haiti. These eco-friendly lamps are all painted in low VOC paints and can take a 3 way bulb. Measuring 30"h x 19"d, each artichoke lamp runs around $625.00

20 April 2009


The Carnival Glassware from Fishs Eddy is Most Excellent. Fun and amusing, these novelty glasses will add a dash of festivity to any spring or summertime dinner place setting. Each 17-ounch glass is priced at $6.00.

17 April 2009

Ebb Basin.

For just a pop of color in the bathroom, the Ebb basin from Neo-Metro may do the trick. This Most Excellent bathroom fixture is available in several colors. The deck is completely made of resin and can even illuminate if you would like.

15 April 2009

22 Series.

The 22 series by Omer Arbel for Bocci is a simple, seamless way to cast aside the electrical cover plate. The series features electrical wall accessories that challenges the traditional, tired and ubliquitous cover plate concept. Power receptacles, lighting control dimmer switches, on/off switches, telephone and data connections, cable and speaker outlets, etc. may now be mounted flush into drywall or millwork with this new system. The visually subtle look is clean, uncomplicated and Most Excellent.

14 April 2009


Nick Cave is a Chicago artist who has risen to the forefront of the art world with his Soundsuits. These Most Excellent costumes are made using colored hair or found fabrics that are embroidered and beaded and often topped by armatures adorned with thrift-shop finds, ranging from children's toys to porcelain figures. These mannequin-like sculptures are wearable and Cave, (once a dancer with Alvin Ailey), occasionally uses them in performance.

Cave's Soundsuits is currently on exhibit at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco through July 5.

13 April 2009

Vintage French Chairs.

These French Vintage Chairs from Jayson Home & Garden are Most Excellent. Each chair has an original finish and is reupholstered in an antique Belgian grain sack. I love the neutral distressed look and the unique upholstery design. Use one chair as a special jewel piece in a room or several gathered together around a dining room table.

09 April 2009


Above and beyond hardware. These cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, door handles, levers, back plates, etc. offer a sweet and simple way to instantly add fresh style and polish to any home. A simple detail that will go a long way. All are available from
H. Theophile.

08 April 2009


Two beautiful pieces from Armani Casa. The Limited Edition Borromini chaise lounge, (above),
has round-shaped armrests of polished macassar ebony with contrast grain. Armrests are fixed to the seat structure through threading iron bars, one at the top and two at the bottom. Armrests are made of curved multilayer beechwood with macassar ebony veneer.

The comfortable and casual Rimbaud chair, (below), is hand-crafted in a delicious crossed leather. Both are made in Italy.

07 April 2009


Pistachio Spring Floral Cake

Available exclusively at Dean & DeLuca, these cakes from San Francisco bakery, Cakework, are Most Excellent. These cakes combine the art of sculpture and baking. Simply a beautiful way to end the perfect Spring time meal.

Cherry Blossom Cake

Dogwood Cake

06 April 2009

April Showers.

JACLO, an industry leader since 1961, was one of the first companies to offer handheld shower systems to the U.S. market. Today, JACLO is strategically positioned to continue its tradition of bringing highly-styled shower systems and accessories to consumers well into this millennium.

Shown here is the Lumiere Shower Head. This unique fixture combines the popular rain shower head with a popular drum lamp shade. The LED light inside the shade will cast any of the unique style patterns that are available for this fixture. Most Excellent!