28 August 2008

Art, Function and Form: David Wiseman

David Wiseman is a man of many talents. His Resin Ceiling Relief Sculptures and Branch Chandeliers are Most Excellent. He also works with porcelain, bronze and glass to create stunning vases, sculptural fireplace screens and whimsical Deer hat hangers made from gypsum cement, glass fiber, paint and flocking. I have placed photographs of his bespoke ceiling sculptures and branch chandeliers here. For more information on David's work, please click http://www.dwiseman.com

As stated on his website:

"David Wiseman’s work communicates an original vision for art, function, and form.

His unique aesthetic is informed by his deep appreciation for subtleties in nature, such as the texture of bark or a pattern of moss growing on a rock. In his practice, David highlights these details, and brings his distinct perception of the wilderness to his objects.

His work has been acquired by notable collections, has appeared in numerous publications, and most recently, has been selected for the Design Triennial at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution."

Resin Ceiling Relief Sculpture

Resin Ceiling Relief Sculpture (detail)

Branch Chandelier

Branch Chandelier (detail)

More Branches: Ceiling Relief Sculpture

David Wiseman

27 August 2008

REBIRTH: Le Royal Monceau, Paris


Au Revoir, Royal Monceau.

The five-star Paris hotel Le Royal Monceau, which played host to Ernest Hemingway, Walt Disney, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Robert De Niro to name but a few kicked off a complete revamp by designer Philippe Stark with a Demolition Party.

REBIRTH was a unique futuristic and provoking wooden sculpture by Arne Quinze created to bid farewell to the Paris hotel and welcome its upcoming transformation. Studio Arne Quinze created the dazzling sculpture - which lasted for only one exclusive night. 50,000 feet of slats, a total of 17 tons embraced the entire hotel building as a conquering and boldness alien stream, breaking through walls, corridors, stairways, lobbies and rooms. The Fluorescent Scandinavian Red Pine, refined illumination and 40 LCD-screens counting video installation, the carefully calculated flow of energy which REBIRTH represented, offered the VIP guests a mind-blowing experience.

The event provided attendees with the invitation to smash, wreck and generally annihilate anything left standing. What a Most Excellent stress reliever! When the demolition party was over, the dismantling process took three additional days. The client, new owner Alexandre Allard, was then given a commemorative video and package of wood. The Art Deco 1928 landmark hotel has now closed its doors for an entire year to undergo the complete renovation and transformation by Stark. The Royal Monceau is scheduled to re-open Autumn 2009. I can only imagine what the post renovation party will be like!

26 August 2008

Lighting: The Roger Thomas Collection.

I am quite fond of Roger Thomas' lighting collection for Niedermaier. The chandelier, (above), and table lamp, (below), stands out with a beautiful combination of reclaimed wood and metal. Both the pendant fixture and the table lamp are made from salvaged walnut blocks.

25 August 2008

Wee Details: The SoHo Grand.

I encountered two details at The SoHo Grand Hotel this past weekend that are worth throwing on the blog. The first one is the whimsical bird wallpaper pictured above. This wallpaper was hung in the bathrooms in each of the guest rooms. The black and beige colored wallpaper was the perfect foil to the industrial design of the hotel. Completely unexpected and silly, I admire the designers of The SoHo Grand for being adventurous enough to use this wallpaper over something more traditional or common. I absolutely support eclectic design and think this choice is Most Excellent.

As a follow-up to my blog entry on Houndstooth last week, I ran into the Houndstooth fabric covered chair in the lower lobby of The SoHo Grand. Again, a bold and very eclectic choice that makes a huge impact when arriving at the hotel. This fabric is used in the main lobby level of the hotel for pillows and other accessories in the lounge area.

22 August 2008

Tile. Shower Heads and Light.

I think these shower heads are Most Excellent. Light filters through a cascading stream of water down from the ceiling. The look is dramatic, unexpected and very cool. Available in either a recessed version, (pictured below), or as a mounted square or rectangle ceiling fixture. The lighted shower head is available to the trade from PSCBATH.

Although they have still not made it to the market, I think the LED bath tiles are a very interesting idea. They will either be very successful or they will make their way into the hands of those with no taste and just ruin it for the rest of us. The waterproof bath tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, (see specifications below). The tiles snap together Lego style and have a repeating connectivity scheme, much like model train tracks, except these light up and illuminate your kitchen or bathroom. And the layouts aren't static, they can be changed at a whim. Because I have not seen the tiles in "action" and there still is not enough solid information regarding them, I am not sure if I can classify them as Most Excellent just yet. I am intrigued with the idea.

LED Waterproof tile specifications - Shapes and Sizes.

21 August 2008


Sartorial Perfection. Cheyenne Jackson.

You don't get more classic than Houndstooth! The pattern is a duotone textile pattern, characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes. Houndstooth checks originated in woven wool cloth of the Scottish Lowlands but are now used in many different materials, fashion, furnishings and accessories. Variants of the houndstooth check include the Glen Plaid, (short for Glenurquhart Plaid), a variant of alternating patterned blocks. The most common use of Houndstooth is for suiting, especially jackets/blazers. Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and tailors of bespoke clothing up and down Savile Row are swathed in Houndstooth.

Pictured below is a small collection of Houndstooth as it has been used in everything from rugs and pillows to dessert plates, room dividing screens and art. It's a Most Excellent textile pattern that I never get tired of and one that presents many different design possibilities.

Houndstooth Galore!

Variant. A Glen-Plaid Rug.

Claire Barclay, "Houndstooth (red)" painting. 2005

Ottoman in Brown Houndstooth

Floor tiles by Flor

Throw pillow and bedding by Peacock Alley

Acid green vessel by Todd Oldham

A Houndstooth. Singular.

A Houndstooth Plexi-glass screen. (Maybe for a child's room)

A Houndstooth Screen. (Detail).

Houndstooth plate by Sabre

Indoor/Outdoor Houndstooth rugs by Overstock.com

20 August 2008

The Fandelier Finds a Friend!

Under no circumstances! The Wooden Telephone with Scroll details and Brass - Touch-Tone!

Back on the 21st of May the Most Dreadful Fandelier was found by me and Megan in a catalog that we received in the mail. The blog entry is here so you may savor the full experience of this gem. Well, fast forward to the 20th of August and this afternoon I received a catalog in the mail with the wood telephone, (pictured above), on the front COVER of another catalog, (The manufacturer and catalog will remain nameless).

The Fandelier has found a friend! There truly is someone or something, in this case, for everyone! Both dreadful in their own right, I simply could not resist ending my day with these special morsels.

Encore! The Fandelier.