29 March 2012

The First Impression.

The episode of HGTV's "Showhouse Showdown" that I recently appeared in, did not show this beautiful light fixture that I chose for the entry to my competition home. I could not have a pendant light that would hang from the ceiling. I needed something interesting that would flush mount directly to the finished ceiling. The fixture had to sparkle, shine, be unique, interesting, dramatic, contemporary and maybe even a bit retro. Here is what I came up with. Manufactured by Robert Abbey, this chrome light fixture can be mounted on either a ceiling or a wall. It is available in a 13" width or a 23.5" width. The stunning fixture is inspired by 1970s Italian design and features chrome rods with round ends that descend from the ceiling canopy. Not only is this light fixture unique and beautiful, it is just gorgeous when lit. Shown below is the "Anemone" light fixture lit in the evening. It provides the excitement that any well designed home should provide as soon as you enter. As it is said, "you don't get a second chance to make a first impression."

27 March 2012

For Like Ever.

I cannot take credit for the design. I can say that in this simple, monochromatic design, the focus is not necessarily on the room, but on the art above the fireplace, (although the fireplace details are quite gorgeous). I particularly like what this "room" has to say. It is very sweet.

26 March 2012


I never thought I would be writing about Decoupage. When the word came into my head I immediately thought of some high school arts and crafts project. However, I was quite wrong. Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Vicki Fischetti's website. According to the site, Vicki "is an accomplished graphic designer, collagist and decoupagist whose eclectic work brings together design, color and form in a refreshingly different way."

I have now learned what decoupage is. It is not just a simple arts and crafts project. According to Vicki Fischetti's website, "Decoupage is the art of adorning surfaces with collage to form a complete design. A high quality glass piece is used to which intricate collages and paper designs are glued. The design is completed with a background paper or gold leaf/paint that fills in the areas not covered by images. For protection at least 10 coats of varnish follow." Each piece of Vicki's work is signed and is a completely unique work of art. I have posted three of my favorite images from one of her collections. The colors are beautiful. A plate or tray would instantly perk up any room it was lucky enough to call home.

20 March 2012

Designed to Flow.

The Luna Chair by Goebel Furniture is designed to flow. The chair has been designed so that all the joints are swept into each other. This creates a seamless transition throughout the frame. The chair is accented by rich, premium belting leather straps. Like any well worn piece of clothing, the straps will gently deflect to accommodate the preferred seating position. This sophisticated chair is available in a variety of different woods and custom leathers. I think the chair would look great in a White Oak with Black Leather straps. It would have a nice contemporary personality without being trendy and not too traditional.

19 March 2012

Johnny B. Butterfly.

A very simple, sophisticated jewel piece. One light bulb. One Teflon Shade and hand-made insects are used to create what appears to be more of a work of art than a light fixture. Not only will the decorative light pendant attract butterflies and other winged insects, but it will certainly be the beginning of many conversations. Designed and manufactured by Ingo Mauer in Germany, it bears the name "Johnny B. Butterfly". Bespoke.

09 March 2012

Finally, It's Time!!

The time has finally arrived. The National Harbor, Washington, DC encore episode of HGTV's "Showhouse Showdown" will air on Friday, 16 March at 1:30PM EST. In this show I compete against another professional interior designer to build and decorate a show house. The homes are matching except they have opposite floor plans. We are both given a budget and a certain amount of time to get everything together. The houses are then judged at an Open House event by the public. The event as well as the "reveal" is taped for the show. Approximately 500 people attended the open house in September 2011 to decide who will win the show. Tomorrow the process of putting the show house together and all the bumps and curves I had to take will be revealed, as will the winner. I am looking forward to it. Please join me!

06 March 2012

Heart of Bronze.

I stumbled upon this lamp today. As soon as I saw it my heartbeat quickened and I grew flush with excitement. I think it is whimsical, fun, completely unique and the perfect jewel piece for the right space. It's not typical. It's totally unexpected and it is cast in bronze. Which is cool. It is not possible to break this heart. The "Kardia" lamp from Carbonell Design Studio, has a lamp foundation made of bronze with the human heart painted in either antique gold or antique nickel. I believe I even saw a version of the lamp on the Carbonell Design Studio that had the cord that ascends from the heart in red. This is not a mass produced lamp. It is beautifully handmade in the United States. I want one.

03 March 2012

Everyone is watching you!

Wallpaper detail, (above)

Just the other day I was explaining to a client how I like to install wallpaper in a powder room. BOLD wallpaper. FUN wallpaper. UNIQUE wallpaper. The reason being that the powder room is typically a small, special gem of a room that is off, out of the way from the main rooms in a house and it does not necessarily have to match the decor of the surrounding spaces. When you escape to the powder room make arrive in the room a surprise, a shock or a non-stop laughing storm, Trove is a company that creates wallpaper that all carry out my message. Shown here is their "Fuoco" wallpaper. Use of this wall covering may sing to the visitor it's own song It may carry it's own tune or deliver some kind of message or be just be plain quirky. Bright colored wallpaper, a delicious floral, hot pink and black stripes with white bathroom accessories amidst adjoining rooms that are all painted in a neutral color palette is a swift departure from the rest of a home. This wallpaper is printed withe balconies towering in a theater. Hundreds of people are watching your "performance". A quick touch up of lipstick might gain a standing ovation. If you tend to be a bit "pee shy" in public, this wallpaper may keep you center row orchestra watching the complete production of the "Mahabharata" on their smart phone. So...Be bold. Be unique. Be fun. Make others happy. This is one of the benchmarks of tasteful and outstanding interior design. Guests who exclaim that there is a flock of crows flying through your bathroom have received a message of your design individuality and good sense!

Wallpaper panel from "Trove"