30 June 2008

Smart Lighting. The Urban Electric Company.

A perfect interior design is not complete without the proper lighting. Not only is lighting necessary to provide general illumination to an area, but more specific "task" lighting is essential for reading, cooking or working at a desk, to name a few examples. Another important benefit to choosing the right lighting is to add interest and decorative flair to an environment. Above and below are some portfolio photographs of lighting used from The Urban Electric Company in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Urban Electric Company is a lighting design and production firm that prides itself on subtle design, uncompromising craftsmanship and impeccable service. Their fixtures are constructed of the finest materials and each is individually bench-crafted to create an unrivaled product in the luxury lighting market. Here are more traditional selections that I think are Most Excellent, especially when creating a more classic interior design.

Lighting from The Urban Electric Company is available to the Trade only.

27 June 2008

"Recess". James Jean.


pecial thanks to Jonathan for introducing me to the Most Excellent work of Santa Monica artist, James Jean. The prints pictured above and below are from his "recess" collection. I imagine the theme is children in school at play during recess. Rather surreal in nature, I am thoroughly intrigued by James' work.






26 June 2008

Self-Adhesive Metal Tiles.

Grout-free metal tiles will not only add high polished style to anywhere in your home, their peel-and-stick application makes them a breeze to install. The four-inch-square tiles from Chemetal are currently available in three finishes: Brushed Aluminum, Satin Aluminum and Light Stainless Aluminum. The 4" x 4" tiles come 54/pack for $79.00 and may be purchased through interior51. Sample packs of 9 tiles is also available. A Most Excellent idea - especially for those who like to "do-it-yourself".

25 June 2008

Alexander McQueen: Los Angeles

The wild and outrageous British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, joins the prestigious grouping of luxury boutiques on Melrose Avenue with the opening of his first West Coast location. The 3,100-square-foot store - created in collaboration with architect William Russell - is sculpted into fluid curves reminiscent of the inside of a nautilus shell. Smooth white walls and gleaming terrazzo floors provide a streamlined counterpoint to McQueen's dramatic accessories and distinctive women's and menswear. The boutique is located in Los Angeles, California at 8379 Melrose Avenue.

24 June 2008

RobinWood Deluxe Collection. Philippe Stark

Last week I introduced Philippe Stark's new "Monseigneur" furniture collection for Driade, Italy. This week I would like to present the "RobinWood" Deluxe Outdoor Furniture Collection by Sutherland.

The collection, designed by Philippe Stark, has an uncanny ability to make and outdoor setting 20 degrees cooler. RobinWood Deluxe combines natural teak, polished aluminum and Sutherland's uncompromising level of craftsmanship into a collection that is truly unique, beautiful and timeless.

23 June 2008

Radioactive Lightpipes.

While I think the lightpipes that Matt kindly sent my way are Most Excellent, I also think they are "site specific". In other words, I would only use them in a select environment such as the one pictured above and below. They would make a fun and whimsical addition to a modern, industrial feeling loft-space or in a trendy restaurant or club perhaps.

These illuminated pipes appear to just sit on the floor and give the appearance that they go straight through the wall, however, you won’t need to mess with cutting holes or anything, as you just set them where you like.

If you have a basement or a brick apartment with pipes already running through the floor and wall, this would certainly be a cool way to add some color to your room. They may also be a nice touch in a white room with a minimalist contemporary flavor.

Each lamp runs about $612.00 and is made in Germany of Plexiglass.

20 June 2008

Four Seasons Firenze. Lovingly Restored.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have lovingly restored a 117 room private residence in Florence, Italy. The Most Excellent destination is an enchanted city sanctuary in the midst of Florence, where an art-filled Renaissance palazzo and conventino frame a centuries-old private park. Hotel guests are invited to dwell amidst original frescoes and sculptured reliefs, graced by sunlight and airy garden vistas. The property boasts gardens filled with majestic trees, an open-air pool and an Italian spa. The hotel is just a stroll away from the Uffizi and Duomo. Tuscan hill towns beckon.