30 May 2008

Floor Mats. Christopher Paul Studios.

Thanks to Christopher Paul Studios of Mableton, Georgia for introducing me to their Most Excellent floor mats. Fun, colorful, whimsical and very cool, they are a terrific alternative to floor tiles, wall to wall carpet, carpet tiles, etcetera. Above and below are some of their latest designs. Here's what they have to say about their beautiful product:

"Our modern mats are unique floorcoverings that offer any environment contemporary aesthetics, bold graphics and clean styling for a fresh design element indoors as well as protected outdoor living spaces. Our hand-painted mats are known for their high quality craftsmanship. Each mat is made of heavyweight canvas, has a protective finish and is backed with a non-slip pad. These mats work best on a hard surface.

Our mats are very low maintenance. They simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. For a good cleaning a mild, non-abrasive product may be used. Abrasive cleansers are not recommended as they may damage the protective finish.

In addition, our mats are a great consideration for those whose health is adversely affected by traditional floor coverings.

Our 2008 collection offers 14 designs with a palette of 16 beautiful colors. All designs
available in 3' x 5', 4' x 6', 5' x 8' & 2.5' x 8'."

29 May 2008

The Rug Company. "Flytip" Rug.

Sometimes what I think is Most Excellent may be a little bit odd. Such is the case with this "Flytip" rug from The Rug Company. It is an extremely well made Tibetan rug of 150 count in 100% wool and silk. What I like most about it is the fun somewhat "pop art" design. Perhaps the rug is a take on modern culture or urban life. It definitely conveys some sort of message and it is one that I believe is whimsical and a lot of fun. I could see this rug as a centerpiece amongst a minimal grouping of furniture in an open loft-like space. I would create the room in a medley of tone-on-tone neutral colors and then interject this wild rug on the floor as a unique and very different piece of art. A picture is worth a thousand words... this rug may just be worth two thousand words! I'd also like to mention that The Rug Company manufacturers a wealth of rugs from the more traditional to contemporary to collections designed by such fashion designers as Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Diane von Furstenburg, to name a few.

28 May 2008

Overstock.Com. Furniture on a Budget.

Sometimes purchasing furniture does not have to cost a fortune. While browsing the Overstock.com website this morning I found these Most Excellent pieces that I believe are tasteful and would be "safe" additions to the right interior design. Granted the furniture presented here is not made of the finest woods, from the best manufacturers from the most luxurious fabrics, however, they look wonderful and in many cases will work quite nicely when decorating on a budget. Currently Overstock.com is offering an additional 10% off their already discounted prices. You may obtain the discount by entering the promotional number "130340" when checking out. This offer will end on 16 June 2008. Ground shipping on your items will also cost a mere $2.95. I think it is worth a look.

27 May 2008

Presto! Heat-Activated Wallpaper.

Sometimes a little change in decoration can go a long way. It is common knowledge that we respond in both negative and positive ways to the environment that surrounds us. What a better "pick-me-up" than wallpaper that actually transforms from a field of green leaves to clusters of pink blooming flowers.

Designer Shi Yuan's heat-activated wallpaper enables such a change when the wallpaper encounters a difference in temperature of 35 degrees plus or minus. A radiator strategically placed on the papered wall enables the addition or removal of heat. Above and below are photographs of the wallpaper making the transformation. Touch this paper and watch flowers appear before your eyes!

23 May 2008

What to drive. The New Mercedes-Benz SCL600.

Funny that my mother introduced me to the new Mercedes-Benz SCL600.

Ever since I was a kid in high school I have been infatuated with Mercedes-Benz automobiles. In the twelfth grade my father offered to purchase a restored Mercedes 350SL for me to drive back and forth to school in and to tour around the New Jersey Shore. With great disappointment, my mother decided that a high school student did not need such a car, so the idea was promptly vetoed.

Several years later, after deciding that I no longer wanted to live in Washington, DC without a car, I purchased my first Mercedes-Benz automobile... an Ice Blue 190E with a Parchment colored leather interior and a beige and red pinstripe at the top of the outside doors. It reminded me of something nautical and I probably would not choose to buy such a car in the present day. Three Mercedes-Benz vehicles later I now run around in an Obsidian Black Mercedes-Benz SLK350.

This blog is really about interior design, architecture and things I consider Most Excellent. What I drive is really unimportant. While there is limited information regarding this vehicle at this time, it does have some nifty design elements that are worth mentioning. I ponder whether or not I would actually drive a car like this. I question... would you? Is it Most Excellent? I think so.

The new Benz is a cyberspacer's dream come true...
The "C" in SCL stands for cyberspace.

The new Benz Dot-Dashboard is way cool!
There is no steering wheel so you would drive it with a joystick! No pedals either. Can you drive with a joystick? Cyberspacers drive this way a lot! It is commonly known that the youth of today have no problem driving with a joystick. Such equipment is the key to most video game equipment. This is the Virtual come to real life!

21 May 2008

The "Fandelier"! Under No Circumstances!!

This is dreadful. The "Fandelier"

My assistant Megan and I source many different products, furnishings, accessories, etcetera every day. Typically, I place things on this blog that I consider Most Excellent. Furnishings that I would jump at the chance of installing in just the right interior design project. What started the day with a beautiful David Iatesta Chandelier, (see below), has ended with this dreadful "Fandelier". The "Fandelier" is a new word, coined by Megan, that defines the ceiling fan/ crystal chandelier combination - sort of the worst of both worlds. When we both saw this gem, pictured above, we burst into hysterical laughter and I decided to post this fixture on my blog as an example, a warning, of what I consider to be interior design at its worst. Under no circumstances should a ceiling fan, such as the one you see above, ever be installed in any home... I don't care if it is a Victorian Bed and Breakfast. I have decided to omit the name of the manufacturer of this Fandelier to protect their identity.

David Iatesta - A Gem of a Chandelier.

This chandelier from David Iatesta is Most Excellent. Without a doubt it is a jewel piece that will add glamor to any entry foyer or dining room. The crystal globe and metal chandelier has a 44"diameter and is 52"high with eight, (8), lights. It is manufactured in a standard Tarnished Silver Leaf, however, custom sizes and finishes are available. A company profile of David Iatesta is available below.

20 May 2008

CariniLang - Amongst the Finest Rugs.

Modern and very different are these abstract and geometric rugs from CariniLang. Based in New York City, CariniLang is consistently designing and producing some of the Most Excellent rugs available to the design trade. Most of these creations are made using the finest natural materials with the highest attention to detail from start to finish. Luxurious New Zealand Wool and 100% silk are the primary ingredients used to hand tuft a CariniLang rug. The rugs come in a variety of sizes and most can be custom made to the client's specifications. Above and below are some of my favorite picks - many from their latest collection.

16 May 2008

DEDON. Redefining Outdoor Furniture.

I'd like to be at the beach. More specifically, I'd like to be at the beach lounging in one of these Most Excellent chaise lounges from exclusive outdoor furniture manufacturer, Dedon.
(Their website has the peaceful sound of ocean waves and seagulls - quite fantastic on what is a rather dreary day in Washington, DC)

Dedon is among the leading manufacturers specializing in the creation and distribution of exquisite hand woven outdoor furniture. Founded in 1990 by former professional soccer player,
Bobby Dekeyser, the company has revolutionized the outdoor furniture market with its designs in just a few short years. Dedon is now represented in 52 countries, employs over 3,000 people and displays its products in its own showrooms in Barcelona, Paris and Vienna. Dedon furniture is imported into the United States by Janus et cie of West Hollywood, California, 1.800.24.JANUS.

Dedon furniture is hand woven from a highly durable synthetic material called "Dedon Fiber". It is produced in the company's German headquarters in Luneburg. The fiber is washable, extremely easy to maintain, resists salt-water, sunlight and high and low temperatures. Additionally, is an environmentally friendly material.

"Yin and Yang" Lounge chairs

"Leaf" lounge chair

This would work perfectly for me!

"Obelisk" modular furniture, (above and below)