12 August 2008

An Evening with Steven Frost.

Special thanks to Philippa for hosting such a wonderful event last night. One of the highlights of the evening was to experience the Most Excellent art of local DC artist, Steven Frost.

Steven is a mix media artist whose work is comprised of extensive sewing both by hand and with the machine, appropriation, transfer prints and paint. Steve lives in his studio enabling him to be in very close proximity to his creations. He first moved to Washington in 2004 after completing his undergraduate education at Alfred University. He also works as the Assistant Director of Admissions at The Corcoran School of Art.

One of the defining characteristics of Steven's work is the creation of badges that he sews on many of his pieces. Each badge is a special symbol or carries some distinct meaning. In his pieces that incorporate pornographic images, Steven uses the badges in a subtle way to start talking about a history and heritage of the gay community and discovering sexuality. Badges that cover up the genital area of the images is used as a symbol of censorship and suppression.

Steven most recently exhibited his art in the show entitled, "The Thread as the Line: Contemporary Sewn Art" at The Ellipse Art Center in Arlington, Virginia. For more information on Steven Frost's work, click www.stevenfrost.com