31 July 2012


I am inspired by Tom Ford. In fact, I am in awe of Tom Ford. He is truly a visionary. In this documentary he shares his creative brilliance with us. I thank my friend Mark for sending this to me.

30 July 2012


Bicycle Brake? Light Switch?


Christian Vivanco is a concept-driven creative studio. On the home page of their website is the "mantra" of the studio. It states, "objects that create sparks within the soul of those who create them. observe them. use them". 

This concept is clearly the driving force behind the creation of this floor lamp, It is appropriately named, "Rem", which means 'brake' in Dutch. The lamp is somewhat of a study in the proper balance and intermingling of functionality. Both the handles on a bicycle and the switch on a lamp perform very distinct functions. The inspiration for creating this lamp is explained on the Christian Vivanco website. "The clear inspiration based on components used in bicycles was not the starting point for the development of the product; the real beginning  emerged trying to find a pretext for the binding (connection) of two functional items that never faced each other before, Two systems that work without any problems in 
their environment and were able to carry a fluid conversation within this new space."

This fun, whimsical and very unique lamp will certainly perform the basic function of providing light in a room. What it will also do is cause the user to have an emotional response or reaction. How would you feel running into a floor lamp that has functional details that are completely unexpected, yet very familiar? In order to create a floor lamp such as this, it requires one to think "outside the box". This is a thought process that I am very fond of.

26 July 2012

Go Bold. Go Teal!

I have always liked using wallpaper on accent or focal walls and in powder rooms. I have never been one to take wall paper to an extreme. The only times I would paper all walls of a room was when the wall covering was a solid-colored silk shantung paper or something organic and natural, like a grasscloth. Recently, I wrote a blog entry on the color Tangerine for Summer. A great color that works very well with tangerine is teal. When I saw this Teal and Gold Damask design Wallpaper from Graham and Brown I thought it would work well for the right Transitional interior design. It would look lovely as a focal wall in a neutral colored room. It would also make a bold statement in a powder room. As the photos posted here suggest, the paper would look great as it ascends up the stairs or as a backdrop for some colorful furnishings. This paper just "grabbed" me and the color is just smashing.

24 July 2012

Diva. Not just a mirror.

I want to start by saying that I just love the room sets Glasitalia has created for showcasing their range of mirrors. They may be seen on the Glasitalia website. The standing mirror shown here, known as "Diva", is not only functional in a few different ways, it is also decorative and beautiful. The slick modern design is realized in glued smoke glass. The upper and lower portions of the glass are transparent, while the central part has a special mirroring effect through which the luminous trace of a lamp placed on the backside can be seen. My favorite detail is the bright red tassel that bullets through the mirror. When a splash of light is desired, it is as simple as pulling the red cord. 

23 July 2012

in a heartbeat.

Sculptural and Stunning. This hand blown "Ventricle" vase was designed by Eva Milinkovick with the idea of capturing the organic beauty of the human heart. The vase is custom made to order in a 10", 16", or 22" size. Every creation, which is available in different color combinations, is totally unique. This vase is a "jewel piece" that should stand alone in a room. It is a symphony of nature, form and color. 

19 July 2012

"Secret Garden"

I ran into this promotional film for the Autumn 2012 Christian Dior collection a few months ago. The venue chosen for this special piece was the Palace of Versailles. As it relates to interior design, the opulence and extravagance of Versailles is simply breathtaking. The "Hall of Mirrors" at Versailles, as seen in the video, is a space that can likely never be duplicated. Set to music by Depeche Mode, the "Secret Garden" by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin is absolutely worth a look.

17 July 2012


I am fond of this interesting, free-flowing light design from Ochre. The two head table lamp would look lovely on a side table, buffet or night stand. The single lamp version would serve well as an elegant desk lamp. The lamp is constructed of a metal frame that supports one or two movable heads. It is available in a beautiful deep red, white or black color. I am intrigued by the dramatic red version. I think it would make for a nice "jewel piece" in a room. The "Scorpion" collection, as it is called by Ochre, also has a graceful wall sconce. When I want lighting that is elegant, contemporary and very fluid in it's design, I might consider one of the Scorpion selections.

13 July 2012

Sharp, Sophisticated and Square.

Ralph Lauren 

I love the clean, sharp geometry of these square on square chairs. They all shown here upholstered in a fabric or leather that are so neutral, they can work well with almost any color palette. 


I like the modern dynamic of these chairs. They are simple, sophisticated and comfortable. I would like to see them grouped together side-by-side in a like pair. Alternatively, one of these distinct chairs would be a handsome addition to an eclectic furniture grouping.

Bungalow 5

 To really play up the geometry of these pieces, I would set them along with a round end or coffee table. To create a strong modern design statement, I would be inclined to continue designing with unique furnishings with clean, straight lines. I would keep things neutral in color and add appropriate amounts of texture for interest

Room & Board 

11 July 2012

These planters Roar!

Not your typical planter. These delightful creations are the perfect planters for a child's room. They would also add a dash of whimsy to a dorm room. Children may love receiving one of these as a party favor at a kids birthday party. The planters are available in many different sizes and colors. They look terrific with a variety of air plants. For those who do not have a green thumb, these air plants require light, water just two times a week, and no soil. Roar! Check them out here.

09 July 2012

Tangerine for Summer!

Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems to a variety of industries chose the color tangerine or Pantone color, 17-1463, as the color for 2012. 

Now that the Summer heat of July is upon us, I look to the bold reddish-orange color tangerine as a way of adding strong personality, excitement and energy to an interior design. Accents such as pillows or bed linens in this high-impact color can instantly add spice to a room. Sometimes it is fun to just paint one wall in a home a bold color to give it room a fresh and dynamic twist. Adding an unexpected dash of color is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to perk up a home. 

It is true that tangerine and orange are very intense colors and may not be so easy to work with. I prefer to think of them as accent colors and would refrain from overusing them in a space. However, when a dash of this dramatic color is used properly, the end result can look smashing.

02 July 2012

Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day. It's time to pause and celebrate our Nation's birthday. See you next week.