30 July 2010

Crystal Chair.

I like the way Canvas Home pairs their Crystal Chair with this time worn wood-top table. The chair, made of 100% recyclable polycarbonate is available in black, white and clear. The chairs are sold as a set of two like colors and have an eight to ten week lead time.

29 July 2010

Horsebit Tray.

I really like the super understated elegance of this Horsebit Polished Nickel Tray. The large tray measures 28"L x 18"W x 2"D. This tray would be at home in the dining room, kitchen or even on a bedroom dresser. There are just so many possibilities!

28 July 2010

Picnic Set.

The Dragon was a popular symbol of Chinese decoration, symbolizing benevolence and good fortune. Here, Mottahedeh & Company reinterpretes Chinese porcelain in tin. The set of four picnic plates come in a lovely tin box and are perfect for moving the look and sophistication of fine china outdoors.

27 July 2010

Paul Smith for Maharam

Designer Paul Smith brings his signature style to a line of textiles for Maharam. The collection, which primarily consists of vibrant stripes are bold, exciting and wonderful. The fabrics are mainly used in seating and upholstery applications.

According to Maharam, "Having provided textiles for use in the Paul Smith collection, Maharam invited Paul Smith to focus his wit on the world of seating textiles. Developed in collaboration with the Maharam Design Studio, Bespoke Stripe by Paul Smith is an upholstery textile inspired by Smith's light-hearted take on traditional British tailoring.

Bespoke Stripe by Paul Smith builds on the designer's tradition of textile innovation with a collection of classic menswear fabrics designed for seating application, and features vibrant multi-colored stripes embedded in a quintessential menswear pinstripe. The seemingly random occurrence of stripes across the full width of Bespoke Stripe offers designers, in the bespoke tradition, the opportunity to customize how fabric meets furniture.

In 2006 Maharam introduced Stripes, a new collection of textiles developed in collaboration with Paul Smith. Composed as a series, Stripes by Paul Smith are a study in variegation. Staccato repetitions, tonal modulations and punctuated sequences demonstrate Smith's playful use of color and proportion. Engineered to appear arbitrary, each variation in frequency, color, saturation, and density yields an entirely unique sensibility.

Maharam's latest project with Smith returns to the theme of men's haberdashery. Entitled Herringbone Stripe by Paul Smith, this new textile juxtaposes a toothy, densely constructed fine herringbone with contrasting bands of lustrous sateen. Vividly colored continuous and intermittent stripes are positioned at random intervals, creating a formal yet playful effect."

26 July 2010

Hand-Formed Lighting.

CX Design's Cristallo Collection includes the Aqua and Medusa Sprite pendants. Both pendants, available in clear or crackled glass are hand-formed by glass blowers in Murano, Italy. In Italian, the word aqua means "water". The Aqua Sprite is inspired by the lambent reflections on the surface of water and the mystical qualities of the tiny, magical pixie-elves known as sprites. In Italian, the word medusa means "jellyfish". The Medusa Sprite is an inspired combination of this mesmerizing aquatic creature and a sprite, which is a tiny, elusive, supernatural pixie. Both pendants are simple and sophisticated and show off the beautiful vintage-inspired Edison bulb.

23 July 2010

Summer Neutrals.

like when bedding reflects the Seasons - the time of year. This 'Neutral Double Weave' collection from Calvin Klein Home Collection says Summer to me. Soft tone-on-tone neutrals, accented by delicate sky blue makes this collection inviting on even the warmest Summer nights. According to the Calvin Klein Home Collection website, " this collection offers duvet cover and shams woven in an array of beige and nude tones. subtle textures combined with intricate patterns create an elegantly relaxed inviting modern look. two distinctive sheeting collections complement the duvet and shams. sprig floral sheeting consists of overlapping abstracted floral silhouettes rendered in collage-like effect. double row cord percale in a neutral color named straw offers a sophisticated solid sheeting option. raised cording embellishes both the flat sheet and pillowcases. a unique euro sham and distinctive decorative pillows complete the collection.

22 July 2010

Sea Bowl.

The Guilded Sea Bowl reminds me of the clearest ocean waters. They would make a love centerpiece on a dining table or as a fruit bowl in the kitchen. The bowls are sophisticated and modern and would instantly add a dash of excitement wherever they are placed.

21 July 2010

Jewel Piece.

Every so often a room calls for a special piece of furniture. Something that is different, yet congruent with the style of the interior. I like to refer to such furniture as "jewel pieces". This 'Indian Cove Lodge End Table' from Ralph Lauren Home would look great as a distinct end table or set simply at the end of a hallway. This Chinoiserie table has a traditional bamboo form and a bookbinder's leather inset. It is solid Mahogany with Mahogany Veneers and is available in a variety of finishes.

20 July 2010

Lend a Hand.

They may be a considered a little bit creepy and kookie or just plain fun. Henry allen’s attention-grabbing hand hooks for Areaware are very realistically based on the human hand, specifically his own. this series of highly detailed wall hooks are casts of the designer’s own hands. the result is a fantastically surreal and functional new object for the home. available in solid white resin, each piece has its own characteristics and is easily wall mountable.

19 July 2010

Paper Mobile.

This chandelier won't be at home just anywhere. Zettel'z 5 Chandelier from Ingo Maurer is certainly a twist on the traditional and because of that I think it is kind of fun. This grand chandelier substitutes the Bohemian crystal drops with scribbled paper notes from some incurable romantic's desk. The light shines through the paper mobile. In this work Maurer plays with traditional approaches to chandelier manufacture, using precious and semi-precious materials. The chandelier is Stainless steel with heat-resistant satin-frosted glass and Japanese paper. The chandelier has thirty-one printed and forty-nine blank paper sheets and comes with Halogen Par 30 bulbs.

16 July 2010


From Dermond Peterson Design comes this Octopus Pillow. It is 20" x 20" and features a Black Octopus on Natural Linen or White Damask Linen. There are other designs in this Seaside collection that includes Lobsters, Crabs and Starfish. Perhaps a whimsical touch in a beach house retreat?

14 July 2010

Is it Real?

These are a fun and novel idea. These Trompe-L'oeil images are meant to be placed over a door to give it the appearance that you are about to climb Montmartre's stairs in Paris, or head down a caste corridor, up a steep escalator, around a bend of French Catacombs Stairs, to name a few. Here is a way to add personality to your doors... With such depth and vivid colors you would swear they are real and within reach. They are available from Couture Deco.

13 July 2010

Crystal Ball.

While it may not be able to tell your fortune, the Clearlight Orb by Barbara Barry can certainly add a flair of polish and sophistication to a home. This objet d'art is a 12% lead crystal ball, five inches in diameter, that reflects light and will brighten up any room. It is held in a delicate three pronged base made of solid brass with a nickel plate finish that will never require polishing. This unusual piece is available through the trade only.

12 July 2010

Saltwater Soap.

If it is not possible to plunge into the ocean, there is Saipua's Saltwater Soap. The handcrafted soap has crushed sea salt, nori seaweed and is scented with rosemary and patchouli essential oils.

Saipua is a small family owned business located in Brooklyn, New York. They have been making olive oil based soap since 1999. Their soaps are carefully crafted in small batches using food-grade oils, butters, herbs and extracts. Each bar is hand cut, air dried and cured. The word Saipua is derived from the Finnish word for soap.

09 July 2010


The pleasure of waking up to a new day is the realization that there is more time to enjoy and celebrate life. This fact is my greatest happiness. I love living in the now with a feeling of excitement for each coming day.

This is the Swivel-lid alarm clock from Tiffany & Co. While this alarm clock with quartz resonator in nickel is lovely, it serves a far more important purpose. Happily, it is a reminder that time goes on... Enjoy every moment.

08 July 2010


In Santa Fe, New Mexico is a very unique chocolate shop named Todos Santos, (All Saints), that creates beautiful confections in the shape of 'Milagro', charmlike silver and gold offerings made to saints in traditional Hispanic cultures. The chocolates are Valrhona based and are made with a coating of edible 23-karat gold or silver leaf. These unique dark chocolates are lovely and extra rich and would make a striking gift or party favor.

07 July 2010

Dachushund Salt & Pepper.

I recently met two of the most adorable dachshunds. So, when I ran into this fun and quirky salt and pepper shaker from Terrain, I was completely amused. The delicate ear, nose, and tail details on a chubby body make this pair of salt and pepper shakers a whimsical addition to the dinner table. Each piece is hand blown and finished with a tiny stopper. This cute creation measures 1.5"h x 4"w each.

06 July 2010

Outdoor Furniture?

The beautiful outdoor furniture collections from McKinnon and Harris are a wonderful surprise. The impeccably crafted garden seats and tables are entirely made by hand. They are designed to be used outside, yet they have no appearance of mass produced outdoor furniture. These are pieces that retain a commitment to the romantic idea that furniture of timeless design fashioned by hand has a value all its own. Each piece is made from aluminum that will withstand the test of time. As McKinnon and Harris mention on their website, their furniture "will become treasured heirlooms handed down to future generations."

01 July 2010

Upcycle Ottoman.

The Upcycle Ottomans from Gus Modern are Certified Organic! Each ottoman is upholstered using repurposed fair trade coffee bags. Each ottoman is unique, and features the logos and markings used to identify the original goods. They are filled with a durable soy-based foam. These light-weight cubes are great for providing extra seating, a place to put your feet up on, or as an occasional table with a tray on top.