27 February 2012

Help! I Have Problems.

Nifty. Fun. Whimsical. I really like the packaging for Help Remedies line of effective medications and treatments for many common everyday ailments. Try some ibuprofen pills for a body ache. Maybe a bandage would come in handy if you cut yourself. And I know nothing is a sure bet as some diphenhydramine for helping to fall asleep. These spiffy remedies are available for purchase in packs of four or try the entire "I have problems" kit with an assortment of all the potions, pills and fixes.

22 February 2012

A Platter with Personality.

Delightfully decorative. Simple and Seductive. Elegant & Sophisticated. I like this terracotta platter with the illustrated nude from Lazy Susan. The crackled ceramic finish adds some additional personality. It makes a beautiful display piece when placed on a stand, (as shown above). It would look beautiful on a console entry table with some candlesticks, fresh flowers, an ornate hand-carved silver leaf mirror on the wall behind and a sterling silver calling card tray placed immediately in front of the table top grouping. This plate may also look lovely on a dining room buffet or sideboard, on a fireplace mantle or set down in the boudoir with just one or two delicious perfume bottles resting on it.

20 February 2012

Heat Sensitive Tiles.

A shower that has been outfitted with beautiful glass tiles, mosaic tiles or even ceramic tiles in a most thoughtful way can look just beautiful when correctly placed. However, a shower that has been designed with an installation of touch and heat sensitive tiles from Moving Color add another dimension that most ordinary tiles cannot. The Northern Lights collection, shown here, is inspired by the stunning Northern Lights of Alaska. The 4" x 4" glass tiles that appear black at room temperature will gracefully move through the color spectrum when temperature, (warm water, radiant heat, etc.) is applied. This an unusual design element and certainly one that is fun and unexpected. I love the somber neutrality of the black glass as it is exposed to warmth and then variation of color starts to emerge. The warmer the temperature the more intense the color definition.

As heat is applied to the black glass tiles colors begin to gracefully emerge. The tiles, which are sensitive to temperature and touch, in some cases, are dynamic and distinct.

09 February 2012

On the Streets of Paris.

I suppose you never know what you may encounter while walking the streets of Paris. Here a Chanel planter is filled with a gathering of white flowers. The image is elegant and sophisticated, unexpected and whimsical. I just love it. This framed archival giclee print from the Mariette Himes Gomez Collection for Soicher Marin is framed in a beautiful Basswood frame and is available currently at Gilt for $625.00 + shipping.

03 February 2012


Sweet and feminine, these hand-carved Songbird mirrors from the Carvers' Guild depict Songbirds singing from a perch of crossed oak boughs with leaves and acorns. The mirror is available in a softly hand-painted finish which exquisitely captures this charming moment in nature. This Carol Canner design, which happens to be one of the Carvers' Guild most popular designs, is equally brilliant in a hand-laid antique gold leaf finish. In 1998, the Songbird Mirror was winner of the American Society of Furniture Designers. It has been editorialized in many magazine such as House Beautiful and Elle Decor.