30 June 2012

Vintage Foo Dog Lamps.

Today, I ran into these lovely vintage foo dog lamps from Pieces. I have long been a fan of Foo Dogs as decorative accessories in the home. However, it is not often that I see Foo Dogs combined with such exciting contemporary elements as a square lucite lamp base and beautifully hand-painted cylinder shades. These lamps would look fantastic on bedside tables. They add character and polish. They are sophisticated and unique. They are a study in combining new and old in order to create a result that is fresh, modern and very "Urban Sophisticated". They are one-of-a-kind, so get them if you still can. $1,895.00 for the pair at Pieces.

28 June 2012

An Artist's Loft.

I admire Ralph Lauren and the ease at which he creates a story, theme or lifestyle for his seasonal home collections. Perhaps this photograph is of a TriBeCa, NYC loft space where a young artist may live. The particular Home Collection that accompanies this image, speaks to the consumer enabling them to buy into a way of living that they may never experience otherwise. This interior space is Industrial, Bohemian, relaxed, somewhat unfinished, yet dramatic and sophisticated. The large pieces of art are unexpectedly grouped on walls in a manner that makes the space interesting and unique. This "total picture" inspires me.

27 June 2012

Groovy Wall Coverings with Major Impact.

Who said wallpaper has to be boring? These wall coverings from Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers don't only capture the current Neon design color trend, but they bring back a "Mod Generation", the 1960's in a big way. These specialty papers are fun, vibrant, unexpected and not for everyone. The statement they make is significant and their boldness is sure to cause quite a surprise. This is wall paper that may work nicely, in small doses, in a child's room, a small powder room, a trendy studio apartment or in the home of someone who has very eccentric taste. I have chosen papers from Bradbury & Bradbury that have the greatest punch and impact. However, their extensive line includes beautiful, refined damask wall papers, historical wall papers, Victorian papers, etc. There is a look from many different design periods in history. If used appropriately, with a well directed design vision, some of these mod wall coverings can actually add a special touch to a room that paint alone cannot. Interior design is sometimes about taking risks, thinking "outside the box" and going against the expected. Dare to give it a try?

26 June 2012

American Bar.

The American Bar Crystal Collection from William Yeoward is elegant, sophisticated and timeless. Yeoward's exceptional crystal designs are inspired by antique pieces originally made in England and Ireland in the 18th and 19th centuries. The hand made glass pieces evoke the style and glamour of the 1920's and 1930's when the new experience of cocktails and jazz were all the rage. The piece that I especially love is the tall cocktail jug. Pouring cocktails or champagne from such a simple, yet stunning pitcher is the epitome of good taste and refinement.

22 June 2012


I am crazy about the Osiris chandelier from Michael Fairbank Design. The satin brass armature filters light through crisp milk glass diffusers for a look that is striking, yet uncomplicated and very sophisticated. I could see this chandelier fitting well in either a commercial or residential space. Imagine how sharp and stylish this light pendant would look strategically placed in the interior of a fine restaurant or hotel. The fixture shown above measures 18" in diameter with a drop of 50"

20 June 2012

American Tradition and Unabashed Eclecticism.

For those about to make the biggest commitment of their lives, choosing a china pattern can sometimes be a difficult task. Because it is something that is meant to "stay a while" and serve for many years of use, the selection of the "right" china pattern can be a challenge. My thought on this is to make a decision to purchase a china pattern that you strongly respond to aesthetically. It should be something that sparks your interest, inspires you and will continue to make you happy over a long period of time.

While it is bold and distinct, and certainly makes quite the statement, I love Kelly Wearsler's Mulholland China Pattern for Pickard China. According to Pickard, America's oldest fine china company, "Mulholland features platinum and gold stripes that overlap and appear to wrap around each piece. Inspired by modern art, Mulholland is a graphic pattern that mixes well with the more decorative patterns to create a vibrant and unique place setting." The feature I like best is that this unique pattern may be mixed well with other decorative patterns to create a look that is all about you. Congratulations to all those couples who will select china patterns as part of the marriage tradition. 

18 June 2012

Let's FACE it.

 Whimsical and a great deal of fun, the "Face" designed by Alexi McCarthy is both a decorative and functional. The bright red abstract image looks great when made the focal point of a room. Particularly when it is placed on a simple, light colored wall such as the one shown here. What will serve as a great accent on the wall, will also serve a very useful purpose. The "Face" is actually an delightful and unique way to display books. This is a book shelf that will get a good deal of attention and is certain to spark a conversation or two. I think it would look fantastic in a young person's room - in fact, I think children of all ages would benefit from these adorably unexpected bookshelves.

13 June 2012


I'm excited to announce the encore presentation of HGTV's "Showhouse Showdown", this Friday, 15 June 2012 at 1:30PM e/p. I had the pleasure of competing in this reality competition series this past September 2011. Please join me in tuning in or setting your DVR's to HGTV this Friday afternoon.

Cheers, Patrick.

11 June 2012

"What is that?"

As I entered the JANUS et Cie showroom in Georgetown the other night, I noticed an interesting display piece poised silently in a display case behind the main reception desk. At first, I was unable to identify the ornate white object. Upon closer inspection, I realized I was looking at the most unique and exquisite teapot! A teapot that will never pour a drop of water. This is a showstopper accessory meant to be properly displayed in any home. The ornate vessel has the power to sit all by itself on a dining room sideboard, for example, and command the same level of attention and respect one would extend to a fine sculpture created by an accomplished artist. 

The delicate matte porcelain teapot looks like it is made of hard sugar paste, an art form known as Alfeñique. Although the teapot sat quietly, yet majestically in it's display case, all I did was take one look at this hand-made creation and it spoke volumes. I could not resist posting two photographs of it here.

05 June 2012

A 'Royal Calling' for Gloriana.

I had the pleasure of receiving an email from The Rug Company today. This company, with a home base in London, is responsible for producing visually stimulating, forward thinking rug designs of impeccable quality. 

As I posted yesterday, the Queen of England recently celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. The preparation that went into creating this tremendous event must have been incredible. The Rug Company, received a 'Royal Calling' requesting that they make a rug for the Royal Rowbarge Gloriana. The rug was presented to her Majesty and was, of course, part of the Jubilee celebration.

The photographs here, taken from The Rug Company blog shows exterior and interior snapshots of Designer Emily Todhunter's brilliantly balanced and timeless 'Fretwork', which was embellished with an ER in gold silk. The rug was brilliantly made by weavers in Nepal who were proud to have such an important and notable commission.

Congratulations to The Rug Company on their 'Royal Calling' and their production of the beautiful and undeniably exquisite rug that adorned the floor of Gloriana.

04 June 2012


The Queen of England just celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. Certainly such an important event, like other important events of it's kind are often marked with an assortment of souvenirs and memorabilia. Unfortunately, such things rarely have much sophistication and look like they should be sitting in a souvenir shop next to the snow globes, felt banners, salt and pepper shakers and shot glasses. However, I found one item that showed some refinement. The Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Plate, designed and made in England by Wedgwood. This tasteful plate is made in fine bone china and decorated with platinum and mica. The subtle, understated design features the royal crest and emblems. If you are lucky enough to still find one, it will cost you around $95.00.


01 June 2012

give me a hand.

I am so fond of the many objects and curiosities as well as unique gifts and candles that come from D.L. & Company. I will be the first one to admit that my taste can be rather "unique" at times. Actually, I prefer, "tasteful and unique". Some individuals may not have a candle in their home, that realistically looks like a human hand. I, on the other hand, would!

The "Vena Amoris" Effigy Wax Sculpture from D.L. & Company is exactly that. It is a sculpture and a work of art. This particular sculpture just happens to be made of wax. Of course, it is also a candle and may be burned if you are ever so inclined. This Hand is a whimsical item or accessory that I might tuck away somewhere in my design of a room. It is not intended to be an accessory that has prime placement in the room. Rather, I would like to see the "Hand" placed where it can just be "discovered". This is a quirky accessory that will likely receive different reactions from guests - exactly what it should do. It's presence will likely have nothing to do with the interior design of a contemporary living room. I believe, it's a fun detail. The "Vena Amoris" Wax Hand Sculpture is available in Crème or Black for approximately $160.00. Here.