22 January 2013


There is something incredibly entrancing about the "Guilt Mirror" from Koket. With a diameter of 63", this mirror is designed to make a statement. It is bold, dramatic and would work well in a contemporary, modern or transitional space. The piece is beautifully hand-made from hammered and textured metal and is available in matte gold, silver or copper metal. It is no surprise that Koket refers to their mirror as "The new mood of metal".

16 January 2013


A beautiful, contemporary table introduced to me by Grey Furniture this afternoon. Simply called the "Wire table", it is shown here with a powder-coated steel lattice base and a grey tempered glass top. I love the linear, geometric design of the base table base combined with the smooth sophistication of the table top. The grey glass is a very nice touch. This table would make the perfect "jewel piece" for the center of a living room furniture grouping. Combined with understated modern furniture, this table would shine with eclectic excitement.

14 January 2013

go with the flow.

 I am fond of the smooth flowing lines of "Luna Chair" by Goebel & Co. Furniture. The chair, which is available in Walnut, Cherry and White Oak is designed with joints that come together in a seamless sweeping transition throughout the frame. Fiber webbing straps compose the seat body. The beauty of the material is that it slightly deflects to accommodate the preferred seating position of it's owner. This is a chair that you "break in". Furniture that is built to last and has the ability to create a special seating experience for it's owner is an investment worth making.