27 August 2008

REBIRTH: Le Royal Monceau, Paris


Au Revoir, Royal Monceau.

The five-star Paris hotel Le Royal Monceau, which played host to Ernest Hemingway, Walt Disney, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Robert De Niro to name but a few kicked off a complete revamp by designer Philippe Stark with a Demolition Party.

REBIRTH was a unique futuristic and provoking wooden sculpture by Arne Quinze created to bid farewell to the Paris hotel and welcome its upcoming transformation. Studio Arne Quinze created the dazzling sculpture - which lasted for only one exclusive night. 50,000 feet of slats, a total of 17 tons embraced the entire hotel building as a conquering and boldness alien stream, breaking through walls, corridors, stairways, lobbies and rooms. The Fluorescent Scandinavian Red Pine, refined illumination and 40 LCD-screens counting video installation, the carefully calculated flow of energy which REBIRTH represented, offered the VIP guests a mind-blowing experience.

The event provided attendees with the invitation to smash, wreck and generally annihilate anything left standing. What a Most Excellent stress reliever! When the demolition party was over, the dismantling process took three additional days. The client, new owner Alexandre Allard, was then given a commemorative video and package of wood. The Art Deco 1928 landmark hotel has now closed its doors for an entire year to undergo the complete renovation and transformation by Stark. The Royal Monceau is scheduled to re-open Autumn 2009. I can only imagine what the post renovation party will be like!