30 June 2009

Fruit Bowl.

Even the fruit bowl in the kitchen should be unique and different. The Canasta transparent glass sphere will show off your grapes, apples and oranges in grand style. And it is all about style? The Canasta Bowl is available from Nouvel Studio and was designed by Emiliano Godoy.

29 June 2009

Frou Frou Parasol.

Frou Frou in every way, this parasol with base is the perfect way to shade yourself from the sun in an ultra-glamorous way! Made of polyester and raffia polypropylene, Brussels-based designer Davy Grosemans’ irresistible Frou Frou parasol has a lush fringe of glossy tassels that lift with the breeze, adding instant Hollywood glamour to any outside space. Priced at $3,995.00 this sassy umbrella is available from The Conran Shop.

26 June 2009

Got an idea? Idea Paint.

This is a great idea! Using the kit shown above it is possible to apply this white paint to any surface and turn it into a washable marker board. Gone are the days of messy blackboards that just create dust. This is the perfect way to keep track of daily things to do, a forum for sharing art and ideas, etc. etc. Idea Paint.

24 June 2009

Stress Much?

These Anxiety Sculptures are Most Excellent! Artist Christine Kaiser believes that, "An anxiety held in your hand or placed on a shelf is one less hiding in your heart." And she designed these little sculptures to help people smile in hard times and give them a visual place to focus their stress. Personifying all the ways anxiety takes over the body, from their clenched fists, tense bodies, crazy hair and nervous eyes, these quirky characters are surprisingly cute and endearing. Who knew you could love Anxiety?

Each one is slightly different (because anxiety comes in all forms) and small (because stress starts with the little things). Handmade in Butler, Pennsylvania of Poplar wood, nails, wire and water-based paints. They are available from Uncommon Goods.

23 June 2009

The Endless Summer.

Summer is here and I am certain that it is going to be a good one. Here is one of my favorite summertime posters from the 1966 flick, "The Endless Summer".

20 June 2009

CHESS in Concert.

Chess in Concert received its US TV premiere on June 17, 2009. It is now being shown globally - please visit the PBS web-site for further information.

18 June 2009

Cinema Table.

Thanks to Matt for pointing out this attractive Hollywood Regency style console table to me. Not only is it stylish and attractive, it makes a great accent piece in both contemporary or more traditional interiors. The "Cinema Table" is priced at just $399.00 and is produced from plantation grown hardwoods, glass, acrylic and other wood products. It measures 28"h x 27.75"w x 20"d and is available here.

17 June 2009

Forbes and Lomax.

Thanks to David at Forbes & Lomax for sending me information on their beautiful lighting controls.Established in London twenty years ago, Forbes & Lomax have from the start approached the lighting control market from an aesthetic point of view. The elegant glass, nickel and brass switches of the 1930s were no longer available and modern equivalents were considered ugly and unsuitable for high end projects by the company. It was with these problems in mind that Forbes & Lomax launched the Invisible "Lightswitch"; a simple transparent acrylic plate allowing the wallpaper or paint to show through, with a stylish metal toggle switch in the center. To complement the Invisible "Lightswitch" a complete range of dimmers and outlets are also available. The company also offers unlacquered brass, nickel silver, brushed stainless steel and antique bronze switches, all of which are accompanied by a full range of matching outlets.

16 June 2009

Taper Candles.

Summer entertaining just would not be complete without elegant taper candles set at the table. These Most Excellent tapers are available in many different colors. The soft illuminating glow of these superior quality wax candles, including beeswax, enjoy a long burn time while minimizing smoke and candle drip. According to Creative Candles, the taper candles have only pure cotton wicks to allow the tapers to burn slowly and evenly. Skilled artisans create these hand-dipped tapers one paper-thin layer at a time to ensure a unique depth of color and a beautiful matte finish. Tapers are handled with care, tissue-wrapped and placed in a beautiful carton or tube to ensure the integrity of the candle and to protect its finish. Each package includes beeswax fitter strips, which can be used to secure candles in candleholders if necessary.

15 June 2009

Vintage British Family Memorabilia.

To celebrate the coronations of Queen Elizabeth II, Edward VIII, the reign of King George V and Queen Mary and Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee these antique British Royal Family plates were produced. I simply cannot resist this type of memorabilia. These Most Excellent items are available at P.O.S.H. Chicago. A variety of other pieces grace this fun collection.

11 June 2009

The Color of Perfection.

I've chosen to post Korean Air's new Global Advertising Commercial because it exudes impeccable style.

10 June 2009

X Desk.

Los Angeles's Circa Furniture, a division of Phyllis Morris Originals has created this glamorous X Desk. This meticulously hand-crafted bespoke desk is available with a chrome or brass base and a top that can be customized in a variety of different woods and finishes.

09 June 2009

Leslie Webb.

This Leslie Webb media cabinet is Most Excellent. It is a combination of natural materials and form, craftsmanship and purpose. According to the Leslie Webb website, "two of man’s oldest crafts unite in this celebration of warp and weft. It is a deceptively simple idea yet amazingly complex in its design and flawless execution. The linear quality of the quartersawn ash enhances this composition. Every horizontal and every vertical is a drawer, designed to hold CDs and DVDs." Custom materials, configurations, sizes and finishes are available.

08 June 2009


This is very cool for those individuals who happen to have an iPhone. Paint manufacturing giant, Benjamin Moore has created an app for the iPhone called the "ben Color Capture". According to Benjamin Moore's website, Benjamin Moore has made color matching easier than ever with its new ben Color Capture iPhone application. Take a picture of anything that has the "perfect-color-you've-been-looking-for" with your iPhone, and with your new ben® Color Capture™ app, tap the "match" key. In just seconds, a strip of colors pop up under your photo with the closest paint color match highlighted. Give your phone a simple shake and your ben app will give you four coordinating colors that create a perfectly harmonizing palette based on your original color choice. Your color favorites can be saved and enlarged to the size of the iPhone screen for easier viewing.

The ben app let's you access the full spectrum color wheel, too, which you can expand or contract by fingertip control to zoom in on your whatever color interests you. Another tap and you'll have that translated into a Benjamin Moore color that's saved to your favorite file.
Once you've found that perfect color, you won't have to waste a minute getting started on your project; the app connects to your iPhone's GPS to locate your nearest Benjamin Moore retailer from wherever you're at.

Download your free ben Color Capture app from the AppStore Web site, www.apple.com/iphone/appstore ; search for ben and select to install. Then get busy capturing any color that catches your eye - anytime, anywhere.

05 June 2009

Thomas Long Glass

Thomas Long creates beautiful, dynamic and colorful blown glass wall sculptures that are an expression of fluidity and spontaneity that no other medium can match. According to his website, "His forms explore the range of organic shapes that are found in nature, which imply the containment of living structures. When light passes through the patterns he creates, the reflections mimic those you would find as light passes through water, and they seem to capture the essence of liquid dynamics. His compositions create vignettes of motion and color; abstractions of nature that bring vibrancy to architectural settings. Once installed, these pieces look as if they “grew” into their setting, enhancing the flow of the space and the colors in the surrounding area. Every custom installation is designed on-site, specifically tailored to bring out the inherent energy of the space...this is art for the soul." I would love to see one of his Most Excellent wall sculptures in a minimally furnished monochromatic room. The colors would powerfully pop off the wall!

03 June 2009

Water Walls.

As would be expected, the Capital Centre for Water Features, LLC has quite the water feature! This water wall, designed by Bluworld, features a center panel in a horizontal multi panel base. Water rushes down the 720" polycarbonate panel and creates a Most Excellent and dramatic effect. The cost for such a water feature ranges from $100,000.00 to $125,000.00.

02 June 2009

Garden Ornaments.

These beautiful garden urns, vases and bowls are made by Haddonstone for the Robert A.M. Stern Collection. The collection was created for the design firm that has wide experience in residential, commercial, office, hospitality, healthcare and international work.

The Robert A.M. Stern Collection comprises a wide range of interior and exterior products. Each partner company that produces the products has been identified as a market-leader with a reputation for outstanding design. Haddonstone is one such example. The pieces shown above range in price from $650.00 to $1,600.00 each.

01 June 2009

Unexpected Twist.

Black Toilet Paper

How fun it is when what is ordinary and expected is given quite an unexpected twist.

Gmail soap. Made in Russia.

An iPhone?