21 August 2008


Sartorial Perfection. Cheyenne Jackson.

You don't get more classic than Houndstooth! The pattern is a duotone textile pattern, characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes. Houndstooth checks originated in woven wool cloth of the Scottish Lowlands but are now used in many different materials, fashion, furnishings and accessories. Variants of the houndstooth check include the Glen Plaid, (short for Glenurquhart Plaid), a variant of alternating patterned blocks. The most common use of Houndstooth is for suiting, especially jackets/blazers. Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and tailors of bespoke clothing up and down Savile Row are swathed in Houndstooth.

Pictured below is a small collection of Houndstooth as it has been used in everything from rugs and pillows to dessert plates, room dividing screens and art. It's a Most Excellent textile pattern that I never get tired of and one that presents many different design possibilities.

Houndstooth Galore!

Variant. A Glen-Plaid Rug.

Claire Barclay, "Houndstooth (red)" painting. 2005

Ottoman in Brown Houndstooth

Floor tiles by Flor

Throw pillow and bedding by Peacock Alley

Acid green vessel by Todd Oldham

A Houndstooth. Singular.

A Houndstooth Plexi-glass screen. (Maybe for a child's room)

A Houndstooth Screen. (Detail).

Houndstooth plate by Sabre

Indoor/Outdoor Houndstooth rugs by Overstock.com