27 September 2011

Washington Post Home & Design Magazine: Diplomatic Retreat

The first floor apartment, now a private residence, in what used to be the Chancery of Costa Rica. Photo courtesy: Benjamin Tankersley

In her Washington Post Home and Design Magazine Feature Article, Writer Nancy McKeon takes us on a tour of some of Washington, DC's former embassies that have now become private residences. I am pleased to be a part of the feature. I recently moved from a penthouse apartment which was the Ambassador to the United States from New Guinea. The space was a very dramatic condo in a magnificent section of DuPont Circle. Surprisingly, I was told that my current residence, not too far in distance from my former home, was, at one time,. the Chancery of Costa Rica. I never set out to find former embassies to live in. However, Nancy's feature is certainly interesting and makes for a lovely contribution to the Washington Post Fall Home and Design Magazine. I invite you to explore further.

The slideshow may be found here.

The Feature article may be found here.

15 September 2011

Art on a Budget.

Original art can sometimes be rather expensive. I believe that walls should have an application of paint that works well with the furnishings of the room. The walls typically will benefit from some type of art as well. Upon a recent visit to BoConcept in Georgetown, I was excited to see some inexpensive pieces of art that particularly appealed to me. More often than not, art that has been reproduced may not always look that fantastic. However, the pieces that BoConcept had in their "gallery" were quite attractive. Here are just three examples of what I saw. I have a special love of anything with robots, so the robot photo art is definitely a favorite.