14 December 2011

What a Wonderful Year!

What a wonderful year it has been! To name a few accomplishments in 2011, I had the pleasure of being chosen to build and design a home to be featured on HGTV's upcoming hit new competition series "Showhouse Showdown". I relocated our offices to the former Chancery of Costa Rica on 19th Street - a charming old Victorian town home with a lot of character and personality. I also had the pleasure of contributing my creativity to the "Georgetown Jingle" - A charity that supports Pediatric Oncology Programs at Georgetown University Hospital. As always, and most importantly, it has been my continued pleasure working with my incredible clients throughout 2011. I know that 2012 will bring a flourish of fresh new ideas, inspiration and a ongoing celebration of beautiful design. I invite you to join me as the excitement and momentum continues. For now, please accept my Warmest Holiday Wishes... I look forward to returning to this blog in January 2012.... It is now time for a vacation. :-)

Patrick J. Baglino, Jr., ASID

12 December 2011

Foo Dogs.

It is no secret that I love the color Lime Green. It is also no surprise that I am fond of Asian accents in a home. Particularly, Foo dogs. Today, I ran into these beautiful Foo Dogs on One Kings Lane. In Lime Green Porcelain. They are absolutely beautiful, elegant and also serve a very important purpose. If I may borrow the words from the One Kings Lane website, "Foo dogs - the lion-dogs often seen flanking entrances of important buildings, are Eastern relatives of gargoyles and griffins. Just as their Western relatives guard cathedrals and buildings, scaring away evil spirits, their deadly fangs, talons, and leering grins suggesting "I had a lovely time with the last one of your kind who happened by this way", the Foo Dogs guard Buddhist temples, their expressions full of beneficence afforded to those whose might is never in question."

I recently broke a Turquoise Foo Dog from the 1920's that sits in my home. Although he was promptly repaired, I must say I am itching for some Lime Green Porcelain.

05 December 2011

Crown Dessert Plates.

I just love these "Kings Road Redux" dessert plates from Rosanna. They would look beautiful set at any table this holiday season. I would use them to serve red velvet cupcakes. I think the bold red cake with white frosting and red cake sprinkles would look beautiful sitting majestically on these white and 24karat gold plates. If you don't want to stop at the plates, there is a tea pot, tray and tea cups also available. A set of four plates may be found online for around $40.00.

30 November 2011

PJBJR ID Candy Christmas Tree for "Georgetown Jingle"

PJBJR ID created the "Candy Christmas Tree" yesterday and early this morning at Four Seasons Hotel, Washington, DC, (at right), to benefit "Georgetown Jingle". Funds from the sale of the tree will go to the Pediatric Oncology Programs at Georgetown University Hospital. The Main Event, a dinner at Four Seasons, Washington, DC will take place on Sunday, 11 December 2011. For more information, tickets or how to help this organization please click here.


26 November 2011

Neon Jellies.

There is something mysterious, whimsical, elegant, sophisticated and truly unique about these prints from SM2. These "Neon Jellies" are available as a series of four. Each vibrant print is beautifully framed in a champagne colored wood frame. They measure 23"w x 27"h and cost approximately $194.00 each. Grouped together, these Neon Jellies will add instant drama and "pop" to any room and will definitely spark some interesting conversation. Perhaps these might be a neat alternative to the very traditional botanical prints that are usually paired or grouped together on a wall. Be bold.

18 November 2011


Sometimes the small, simple things in life can also be the most special things in life. Details are important to me. Simple details especially.

One example is the iStand from Jack Spade. The iStand is a simply brilliant small silicon device that is used for propping up your favorite tech gadget. Sophisticated smartphones can now be positioned for a variety of different viewing angles. The nifty iStand device is portable, compact, definitely functional and is available in orange, pink or green. The iStand is $7.00.

09 November 2011

Fleur-de-Lis Decorative Accessories.

I love the rustic, vintage appeal of these unique heirloom quality decorative accessories from Evergreen. The iron and glass candleholder, (above), would look beautiful set on a fireplace mantle for the holidays. The crackled canister, (below), has a fleur-de-lis lid that is just charming. The green, crackled glaze is electric. This simple piece is unique and interesting and would work well in almost any environment. The same is true with the more ornate canister, (below), that features a crown detail. Something I like quite a bit. The best thing of all, each of these wonderful decorative pieces are under $25.00 each. I saw them today at One Kings Lane and snapped them up. They will be fantastic holiday gifts.

25 October 2011

Protectors of the Home.

I love Porcelain Foo Dogs set together as a pair or individually. They have always been considered protectors of the home. I especially love when the porcelain work of art is given it's own nifty, vibrant and eye-catching presence by painting it any color other than blue, white or brown, or blue or white and/or maybe yellow. Mandarin Orange is cool. It wil add a splash of color into a traditional room while twisting up the modern simplicity of a contemporary interior design. It will also be a bring and smart color foil to my office which is painted in a Navy High Gloss. It's fun to play with interior design. I want to play with two orange Foo Dog Sculptures and I want then the sparkle in vibrant citrus unlike the majority of the beautiful art pieces that are available. The Foo Dog is the guarder of the home. It should be imposing and vibrant and regal and sophisticated, Of set out course, such a Naturally the design and detailing is to be appreciated, but it is the unique color of the two porcelain pieces that aid the snap and sophistication to punctuate just the right interior design. Useful, tasteful and now I found them in orange for only the accessory that gives it just that extra special 'punch". Sometimes it is the accessories in a room that really pull it all together - adding balance, punch, excitement, sophistication and a completely new and fresh outlook on how to place something with great meaning or just plain beauty.

A bit about the Foo Dog - "A Foo Dog, also known as an Imperial Guardian Lion, Fu Lion, Lion of Buddha or Stone Lion, is a common symbol that represents the lion in pre-modern China. The lion is believed to possess protective powers. The lions traditionally were presented at the entries of Chinese Imperial palaces, temples and the homes of officials and wealthy individuals. In Japan a similar lion symbol is used and is known as "shishi" or Snow Lion."

17 October 2011


It's been around for quite some time. It is classic, tailored, refined and currently enjoying a revival. It is one of my latest clothing fascinations. It's different, unexpected, and not ordinary. It is a mark of distinction. It's fun and not everyone can pull it off. Or I should say, not everyone will care to pull it off. It is the Club Collar and I think it is quite cool.

Originally, part of Eaton College's dress code the club, (also known as the golf collar) was popular in the early decades of the 20th century. The rounded club collar is having quite a resurgence this Autumn. More traditional clothiers to the avant garde fashion houses are showing this collar. Dare to be different. I wear them with contrasting bow ties or just a pair of jeans and casual shoes.

12 October 2011

Iron End Table.

I am fond of this dramatic, sculptural end table from Festoni. It is completely made of iron and is sold without a glass top - or any table top for that matter. The table would look great with a simple glass top, or perhaps a stone table top like a travertine, limestone or granite. A honed stone top would be my preference since the table has a somewhat rustic quality to it.

Festoni is known for finding inspiration for their furnishings from Moorish tiles, rococo wood carvings, Ming Dynasty tables and Venetian glass. Their line is composed of furniture, lighting, and unique decorative home accents.

27 September 2011

Washington Post Home & Design Magazine: Diplomatic Retreat

The first floor apartment, now a private residence, in what used to be the Chancery of Costa Rica. Photo courtesy: Benjamin Tankersley

In her Washington Post Home and Design Magazine Feature Article, Writer Nancy McKeon takes us on a tour of some of Washington, DC's former embassies that have now become private residences. I am pleased to be a part of the feature. I recently moved from a penthouse apartment which was the Ambassador to the United States from New Guinea. The space was a very dramatic condo in a magnificent section of DuPont Circle. Surprisingly, I was told that my current residence, not too far in distance from my former home, was, at one time,. the Chancery of Costa Rica. I never set out to find former embassies to live in. However, Nancy's feature is certainly interesting and makes for a lovely contribution to the Washington Post Fall Home and Design Magazine. I invite you to explore further.

The slideshow may be found here.

The Feature article may be found here.

15 September 2011

Art on a Budget.

Original art can sometimes be rather expensive. I believe that walls should have an application of paint that works well with the furnishings of the room. The walls typically will benefit from some type of art as well. Upon a recent visit to BoConcept in Georgetown, I was excited to see some inexpensive pieces of art that particularly appealed to me. More often than not, art that has been reproduced may not always look that fantastic. However, the pieces that BoConcept had in their "gallery" were quite attractive. Here are just three examples of what I saw. I have a special love of anything with robots, so the robot photo art is definitely a favorite.

05 July 2011


While this does not directly relate to interior design, I am quite fond of this commercial for Chrome. I find it to be uplifting and inspired. I just had to post it here.

30 June 2011


This wood table is creative and unique in a very big way. It's transparent. The studio Nendo from Japan created this table. It’s made of clear acrylic in a wooden form with a heavy grain. The table is available in clear or black. Each of the tables have specific and different optical effects. When first looking at the black table it appears to be solid wood, but upon a closer look reveals its transparency, while the clear table is the transparent at first glance, and only later reveals its wooden form.

27 June 2011


My latest fascination is with interior walls painted a Charcoal. While Charcoal Grey is certainly acceptable, I do not mind seeing the walls heading more toward a deeper Charcoal tone. I love the way this paint color adds instant sophistication and drama to a space. It also enables all of the furnishings set inside the room to really stand out against the deep painted backdrop. My bedroom is now painted Charcoal. It's smashing.

16 June 2011

Euro Tropiques Platter Plate

The small details on Bernardaud's Euro Tropiques Platter Plate intrigue me. First of all, I like the delicious deep crimson colors on white found on the plate. I then like the twist of the snake design and the overall shape of the platter. I look at this as a "jewel piece" for the table. It's an interesting platter that is versatile and may be combined with many different table settings. I would love to see this plate paired with a grouping of crisp white dinner plates and white linen napkins piped with the crimson color found in the plate. This is a conversation piece. A lovely way to allow French porcelain to spark some interest at the dinner or luncheon table. The plate is available at Barney's New York for $480.00.. As mentioned, it is Authentic French porcelain from Bernardaud. Brazilian designers, the Campanas Brothers, have collaborated to produce this unique platter plate that measures 11.4"d. It is made in France.

13 June 2011

Retro Style Graffiti Furniture.

Capri is the latest work of Portobello Street. They are mainly storage pieces of furniture - a sideboard and cupboard. One of the focal different of these furniture is their retro style graffiti. Paris, in the year of the classical Formula-1 races, has become the inspiration for the designer to decorate the furniture with the graffiti. While the furniture is traditional in style, the graffiti was done in retro style. The addition of the graffiti to these pieces of furniture gives them a fun, modern edge. The furniture is made of cherry wood, with glossy silver or other specialty finishes.