14 December 2011

What a Wonderful Year!

What a wonderful year it has been! To name a few accomplishments in 2011, I had the pleasure of being chosen to build and design a home to be featured on HGTV's upcoming hit new competition series "Showhouse Showdown". I relocated our offices to the former Chancery of Costa Rica on 19th Street - a charming old Victorian town home with a lot of character and personality. I also had the pleasure of contributing my creativity to the "Georgetown Jingle" - A charity that supports Pediatric Oncology Programs at Georgetown University Hospital. As always, and most importantly, it has been my continued pleasure working with my incredible clients throughout 2011. I know that 2012 will bring a flourish of fresh new ideas, inspiration and a ongoing celebration of beautiful design. I invite you to join me as the excitement and momentum continues. For now, please accept my Warmest Holiday Wishes... I look forward to returning to this blog in January 2012.... It is now time for a vacation. :-)

Patrick J. Baglino, Jr., ASID

12 December 2011

Foo Dogs.

It is no secret that I love the color Lime Green. It is also no surprise that I am fond of Asian accents in a home. Particularly, Foo dogs. Today, I ran into these beautiful Foo Dogs on One Kings Lane. In Lime Green Porcelain. They are absolutely beautiful, elegant and also serve a very important purpose. If I may borrow the words from the One Kings Lane website, "Foo dogs - the lion-dogs often seen flanking entrances of important buildings, are Eastern relatives of gargoyles and griffins. Just as their Western relatives guard cathedrals and buildings, scaring away evil spirits, their deadly fangs, talons, and leering grins suggesting "I had a lovely time with the last one of your kind who happened by this way", the Foo Dogs guard Buddhist temples, their expressions full of beneficence afforded to those whose might is never in question."

I recently broke a Turquoise Foo Dog from the 1920's that sits in my home. Although he was promptly repaired, I must say I am itching for some Lime Green Porcelain.

05 December 2011

Crown Dessert Plates.

I just love these "Kings Road Redux" dessert plates from Rosanna. They would look beautiful set at any table this holiday season. I would use them to serve red velvet cupcakes. I think the bold red cake with white frosting and red cake sprinkles would look beautiful sitting majestically on these white and 24karat gold plates. If you don't want to stop at the plates, there is a tea pot, tray and tea cups also available. A set of four plates may be found online for around $40.00.