22 February 2011

Cooking Hood.

A cooking hood definitely does not need to be boring. You can be creative and design something that will add some artistic flair. What is typically a common fixture in many kitchens can become and abstract sculpture by using strong geometrical forms and pure white color. The kitchen hood pictured here is the work of architects Lhoas & Lhoas. They created this unique hood as part of the renovation of a typical Brussel's home.

17 February 2011


I had the pleasure of chatting with my former assistant, Judson, this morning. He has recently started his own design blog full of tips, tricks, design ideas and great accessories for the home. When I checked out his blog I ran into this amazing "Alphabot" screen print from Bold and Noble. I absolutely love anything with robots, so this print immediately spoke to me. To check out more great selections from Judson, click here.

15 February 2011

Branching Bookshelf.

This whimsical, yet functional bookshelf is the creation of french designer, Olivier Dollé. The branch bookshelf is composed of more than eighty pieces of birch plywood and veneered oak wire. This contemporary piece is a lovely way to bring nature into the home.

10 February 2011

Cherub Lamp

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I would feature Peter Sandback's Cherub Lamp. The ornate creation is made of white painted cast metal. It is available in the desk lamp, (shown here), or an even more dramatic floor lamp.

07 February 2011

Flight Rings.

I am quite fond of Bruck Lighting's "Flight System" or "Flight Rings" for use in certain commercial applications. The rings are available in different diameters and may be mounted on the ceiling or hung on suspended track systems. The rings, which are made of aluminum come with individual lamps, mounting and power feed. The rings may also be joined to a larger track system to create very dramatic effects.

03 February 2011

Branches Crystal.

This luxurious wood chandelier is made of discarded extras from local mills. The Branches Crystal chandelier is adorned with Swarovski Crystals that drip from the tips of the branches. The branches lighting system follows the pattern of growth found throughout nature and mathematics. Branching between nodes connected with salvaged hardware it reaches out from a central stem. Low voltage halogen lamps illuminate the Swarovski crystals. hese branches are moslty made of walnut. The chandelier is available with or without crystals and in a variety of sizes.

01 February 2011

Clocky and Tocky.

I like these fun clocks because of their 'robotic' feel and their silly antics. They are whimsical and fun and are certainly not to be taken too seriously. They add a splash of charm, a dash of silliness and are a great way to help start a conversation. The clocks have darling names and also have a few surprises. The clock above is called "Clocky". Both "Clocky" and "Tocky", (shown below), perform tricks. They will actually jump from your nightstand and roll away to get you out of bed. These are clocks of great action. There is no passive sleep button here. Additionally, Tocky is able to upload MP3s so you may wake to your favorite music. You can even wake up to a recording of your mom's voice. Good Morning!