30 January 2009


The company Porada was established in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the help of his four sons in order to expand the production of chairs, started in 1948, to other branches of home furnishings. The Porada collection is the result of the proper combining of technoligical processes with the artisan tradition common to the best Italian furniture manufacturers.

Here is a small sampling of some Most Excellent creations from Porada.

29 January 2009

Classic Modern Furniture.

Maxine Snider Furniture Collection

Tailored, polished and refined, Maxine Snider's furniture collection draws on classical traditions, interpreting them with a fresh and modern twist. The collection now numbering over fifty pieces, is an artful synthesis of many furniture movements - the Shakers, the French modernists, Scandinavian designs, as well as the beauty of Japanese everyday objects.

Shown here is a small sampling of the Most Excellent pieces of furniture that comprise the Maxine Snider furniture collection. Her first collection was offered in 1998 and has, throughout the years, been customized for fashionable homes, hospitality, corporate and public spaces.

28 January 2009

Enchord Desk & Mobile Cabinet.

I think the Enchord Desk and Mobile Cabinet from Herman Miller is Most Excellent. The desk is simple, smart and elegant. Dual surfaces perform in perfect harmony by offering a primary top surface for work and a lower surface for peripherals and simple storage. The desk is available in white oak veneer over white or white over pesto, (shown here).

The perfect accompaniment to the Enchord Desk is the Mobile Cabinet. The compact rolling piece offers a drawer for supplies, shelving for books and even space for letter-size hanging files. The collection is in tune with the new ways to work.

27 January 2009

Morph. Union Street Glass.

The Morph Lighting and Accessories collection from Union Street Glass is Most Excellent. The fluid, uncomplicated shapes, beautiful glass color choices and exquisite craftsmanship make these table lamps, light pendants, bottles and vases stunning additions to the most sophisticated interiors.

According to the Union Street Glass website, "Guy Corrie, designer, glassblower, and master craftsperson, with the help of his wife and business partner Leanne, carved out their vision for a contemporary art glass studio, and Union Street Glass was born in 1980. By fusing innovative design concepts with old world glassblowing techniques, Guy, Leanne, and their studio continue to forge new interest in and appreciation for their unique art form.
Through his commitment to creating fresh innovations and his obsession with hand blown glass, Union Street Glass has grown from a tiny 600 square foot studio into a 10,000 square foot studio in Richmond, CA. Guy works with a small team of skilled artists who create our home accessories, lamps, and light fixtures here in the studio. Together they produce about thirty pieces per day."

Morph Light Pendants

26 January 2009

Ex Libris Table. MinottiItalia.

If you love to read and are simply running out of space to store your books, here is a rather whimsical and fun idea from MinottiItalia. The Ex Libris dining table has a glass top that is slick and glamorous and metal legs that also function as vertical bookshelves. Under the right circumstances in just the right space, this is a table that would certainly add great dramatic impact and be the subject of many conversations in your home. The table is 86.5"l x 37.5"w x 29.75"h and retails for around $3,100.00.

23 January 2009

Eyebrow Dance.

Not only is this Most Excellent, it is down right hysterical. I could not resist posting it here.

22 January 2009

Slumdog Millionaire.

The film "Slumdog Millionaire" opens in movie theaters across the United States tomorrow. I had the pleasure of experiencing it this past weekend. Not only is it funny, profound, sad but Most Excellent. As the title of the movie suggests "Slumdog Millionaire" follows the life of a disadvantaged boy who not only finds millions of dollars but true love along his journey. A word of advice - go and see this work of art. It definitely deserved the Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture/Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Original Score. The film is also nominated for ten 2009 Academy Awards.

21 January 2009

Slide Light.

In this age of digital photography, slides tend to be a thing of the past. However, they don't have to be. Here is a Most Excellent way to display slide photographs while adding a special touch of lighting ambiance to your surroundings.

Wall mount horizontal or vertical to provide low level background room lighting. Create any mood with your own unique photographs using interchangeable slides, simply slot your images into place. To take slide photographs use standard slide film in your camera. More information on how to achieve this look and create slides may be found on the SUCK UK website here.

19 January 2009

Presidential Inauguration 2009.

It is a very exciting time in Washington, DC. We are thrilled to be small part of the inauguration of the Forty-fourth President of the United States, Barack Obama and Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden, Jr.

16 January 2009

Gary Baseman Toys.

Gary Baseman's "Dunces"

Gary Baseman is a Pervasive Artist, painter, TV/Movie Producer, Toy Designer and Humorist. His toys and paintings are highly collectible, not always so easy to come by and definitely Most Excellent. Shown here is a small sampling of some of his vinyl toys. I especially love his "Dunces".

His "Dunces" toy series is a group of under-achieving pets. Limited to 500 units each, Dunces are not only obedience school dropouts, but also disobedient little works of art. Baseman suggests that they should be sent to the corner to ""think about what they've done"", but you'll command them to ""stay!"" with your most prized collectibles."

15 January 2009

W Goes To Washington.

Living Room Rendering

Washington, DC is getting a W Hotel. Currently in the renovation phase, W Hotel, Washington, DC is slotted to open August 2009. The hotel, at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, will be located in the oldest hotel in town, where historic Italian Renaissance meets modern cool. Next to the White House and minutes from major landmarks, W-Gate is all about style, innovation and stately indulgence.

Also scheduled to open will be a world-class signature restaurant and rooftop bar and terrace with unprecedented views of the White House and oh-so-decadent Bliss® spa. The 317 rooms and suites will feature the plush W bed, fully wired technology, fabulous in-room entertainment, delightful Munchie Boxes and the W Hotel signature Whatever/Whenever® service. The First Amendment of luxury, you may never want to leave.

Ballroom Rendering

Guest room rendering

Guest room rendering

Sky Terrace rendering

14 January 2009

George W. Bush State China.

According to The Associated Press, First lady Laura Bush showed off a new gold-rimmed set of official George W. Bush state china last Wednesday, with less than two weeks to use it before the family packs up for Texas.

The $493,000 set was inspired by a few pieces of green basketweave-patterned French china in the White House collection believed to have come from James and Dolley Madison. It was paid for by a privately funded trust of the White House Historical Association, which also purchased a second, less formal set.

Laura Bush said the china has been in the works for several years and the family had hoped to be able to use it, but the process took longer than expected.

"So I hope that the next family, and I know they will be happy to have these two sets, as well, to be able to entertain their heads of state that come in, as well as for their closest family and friends," she said in the White House Family Dining Room.

The Bush family moves out of the White House January 20th, the same day President-elect Barack Obama is sworn in.

13 January 2009

Beauty and the Priests.

In a Czech Monastery two hours outside Prague, Monks toil over an ancient skincare recipe once used to heal the wounds of gladiators. I find the story behind this moisturizer quite fascinating. I have not yet tried it so I cannot determine whether or not it is Most Excellent. However, beauty critics have given this luxury moisturizer high marks. Ranging in price from $135.00 for a 1 oz. porcelain jar to $250.00 for a 3.5 oz. jar, Fresh Crème Ancienne is an ultra rich, remarkable cream that instantly re-hydrates, increases moisture retention, smoothes and plumps, increases elasticity and firmness, rejuvenates, repairs, and provides environmental protection to dehydrated skin on the face and body. Works for all types of skin. The modern formulation is inspired by the work of Claudius Galenus (Galen), a 2nd century scientist and physician who developed the first known skincare cream and used it as salve to treat burns and wounds, Crème Ancienne combines the core ingredients of Galenus' formula: rosewater, beeswax, and borax with modern day ingredients like, chamomile wax, meadowfoam oil, and vitamin E. In order to preserve the legacy, craftsmanship, and spirit of this formulation, small batches are prepared entirely by hand in a monastery, with each jar taking up to two days to produce.

09 January 2009

Grin and Bear It.

s it a bear? Is it a lamp? Whichever way you choose to see it, this quirky and unique teddy bear lamp looks weirdly wonderful and will be sure to earn a second look from your guests.

The black fabric covered shade is reflective gold on the inside to enhance Teddy's golden features. His plump body enables you to park him where you please without fear of him toppling over. Sure to light up your room and your heart. This Most Excellent Lamp is available from Uncommon Goods. I just love it.

08 January 2009

Wall Relief.

These Most Excellent Wall Relief panels would add an unusual dimension to almost any space. The Iconic panels are manufactured by B + N Industries. Their "Louise" carved-relief wall treatment is inspired by artist Louise Nevelson's totemic found-object sculptures. The panels come in eleven colorful laminates. Custom colors and sizes are also available. What a beautiful way to play homage to one of the most important twentieth-century abstract expressionist sculptors.