29 July 2008

Take Me In Your Arms.

mat&jewski's banquette

French furniture and accessories designers, mat&jewski, have created a fun and creative way to come home to the man of your dreams. Both their banquette, (pictured above), and their quilt or duvet cover, (pictured below), is printed with a life-like image of a very attractive man.

Their banquette named, "Don't sleep alone" has a metal painted white structure with a Bultex mattress seat. A canvas bag of white denim is printed with the image of a naked man laying on his stomach.

The quilt cover entitled, "Take me in your arms" is made of 100% cotton. It is pure white with an inkjet printed image of a barely clothed/naked man on both sides. You can choose to place him top up or top down.

A naked man who is flawlessly good looking, who doesn't talk back, sounds like a Most Excellent dream come true!

mat&jewski's double-sided quilt cover