26 July 2008

The Public Pool, West End, Washington, DC.

The Francis Pool - Lounge Collection

No. This is not the Four Seasons Punta Mita and the lounges featured, above and below, are not expertly made by Barlow Tyrie. This is the Francis Public Pool, (a.k.a. The Connie Francis Pool), in lovely West End, Washington, DC. This hot spot is nestled between a grouping of private office buildings, chain hotels and the Rock Creek Parkway. It draws quite a crowd on the weekends and even comes with free lounges and admittance if you are a resident of the District of Columbia. (A fee of $7.00 per person is charged to non- DC residents).

I think it is absolutely necessary to assert that life is not all about the Four Seasons at over $400.00 per night and it is not always mandatory to chill back in a hand-made teak lounge from the UK. Sometimes it is about pleasure - simple pleasure - found right in ones own backyard.

While a tropical beach will always have a more delicious ring than a concrete poured city pool playground, today, we decided to spend several hours amongst the DC natives. Beautiful people, most in their late twenties to early forties relaxed and enjoyed the summer sun. The atmosphere was laid back, unfussy and definitely not stuffy. The water was crisp, clean and clear and I can more than sufficiently say that I had a Most Excellent time. Pleasure comes in all shapes and sizes; at price points low, high and even free!

The Francis Pool overlooking Rock Creek Park