22 July 2008

Galvanized Flower Planters

Promptly after bashing Pottery Barn yesterday, Megan found these cool Galvanized Flower Planters that I bought for my balcony. I also bought a steel and teak wood bench to go out there as well. My balcony, that overlooks the Dupont Circle area and the very tip of the Washington Monument, is currently a disaster area. So what a better time than the end of July to do some planting! We have decided to keep things simple and will only plant Fountain Grass and bundles of Lavender. I have also decided that the fountain that is currently out there will be removed. It just has not been working properly. As I have always said, nothing says class like a fountain. I suppose I will miss my small water feature. The balcony oasis is on!

4:50PM - It has been decided to keep the water feature.

This view is not included with purchase of Galvanized Planters.