23 July 2008


While in New York City for the New York International Gift Fair, Megan and I had the pleasure of seeing the Most Excellent musical, "Legally Blonde". The musical which is based on the film of the same name is truly a lot of fun. Matt, who is quite the Broadway insider, arranged for Megan and I to visit backstage at the Palace theatre following the performance.

MTV recently created a reality show that was a competition to find the next Elle Woods. Elle is the leading lady of the musical. Well, tonight Bailey Hanks, who has been named winner of the MTV reality casting competition, "Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods" will make her Broadway debut at 8:00pm!

Below, the lyrics from the title song of the musical.

Bailey Hanks

Lyrics from "Legally Blonde", "Legally Blonde - The Musical"

Tack back the books and pack up the clothes
Clear out the room and drop off the key
Leave with what's left of my dignity
Get in the car, and just go.

Chalk it all up to experience,
They said I'd fail but I disagreed
Who could say then where my path would lead?
Well now I know

Back to the sun, back to the shore
Back to what I was before
Back where I'm known
Back in my own very small pond

Laugh with my friends when I arrive
We'll drop the top and just drive.
That's fine with me, just let me be
Legally blonde.