18 July 2008

The Star Spangled Banner Book

In this Presidential election year what could be more fitting than a large dose of patriotism? The flag that inspired Francis Scott Key's "Star Spangled Banner", was in danger of fading to dust.

Well, low and behold fashion and lifestyle designer, Ralph Lauren, came to the rescue. In celebration of the unveiling of the flag this November 2008, (just in time for the election), the Smithsonian Institution proudly presents a commemorative book titled The Star Spangled Banner. The Making of an American Icon, (Harper Collins), with a forward written by the quintessential American fashion legend, Ralph Lauren. Polo Ralph Lauren's generous contribution underwrote the conservation initiative.

Taken from the forward of the soon to be released book:

"The ragged edges, patches and holes are still there, and although its stripes are tattered and its stars are faded, it has endured - 'our flag was', and is, 'still there."
- Ralph Lauren

The book may be purchased late autumn at either the Smithsonian Institution gift shops, RalphLauren.com or in select Polo Ralph Lauren Stores. A price has not yet been determined. What a Most Excellent coffee table book!