28 July 2008


In terms of cars,
Maybach comes about as close to perfection as possible. The cars are Most Excellent and even more palatable if you have a driver, perhaps. I am not so sure I can see myself zipping around Washington, DC in a Maybach. However, for the select few, Maybach is the epitome of class, sophistication, elegance, impeccable craftsmanship and beauty. Just look at the photographs of these cars, they are absolutely exquisite. Maybach is owned by Mercedes-Benz.


Maybach – music to the ears of the car lover. The name is associated with the most beautiful and distinguished vehicles ever to grace the road. During the twenties and thirties they could be admired on the boulevards of New York, Monte Carlo and Berlin. The beginning of the forties brought the classic Maybach era to an end. Even long after production of these legendary vehicles ended, they remained very much alive in the heads and hearts of engineers, designers and automotive enthusiasts.

The Maybach has returned for the 21st century. Like its esteemed predecessors, the current version once again sets new standards with its technology, design and individuality. And like an instrument that is brought to life by the player, this car resonates with its owner’s sense of style.

More than 100 years ago, Wilhelm Maybach built a car that pointed the way to the modern era. His Opus No.1 went down in history as the first Mercedes, and he is still remembered as the “king of the design engineers.”