20 July 2008

YAZ - "Situation."

Alison Moyet

Special thanks to Mark for the tickets to see Yaz tonight at the 9:30 club. While the club could use an interior design face lift Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke of Yaz were just terrific. Known for their pop-synthesizer sound from the 1980's Yaz is just as exciting and fresh today.

From "ONLY YOU" by Yaz

Looking from a window above, it's like a story of love
can you hear me
came back only yesterday
moving farther away
want you near me

all I needed was the love you gave
all I needed for another day
and all I ever knew
only you

From "SOFTLY OVER" by Yaz

It's over, there's nothing more to say
Silent comes the night time ends another summers day
I can just remember, or is this the dream that never goes away.

Understand me, I'm calling -
Understand me, can you hear me call.
Night time, surely it's a lie,
No-one ever told me, I just let the chance go by
Wishing there was time enough, you tell me there's no time, but I can try.

(Chorus repeat)
Speak now, without the summer light
All the words I should have spoken, when you held me tight
Still I'll keep on calling, till the morning ends another lonely night.

(Chorus repeat)
I'll be waiting for you hoping, that someday you'll hear me calling
But there's never any answer, just the echo of the call.

From "MR. BLUE" by Yaz

I'm Mr. Blue
I'm here to stay with you
and no matter what you do
when you're lonely - I'll be lonely too

Vince Clarke