21 July 2008

Pottery Barn!??

For millions of Americans, Pottery Barn, is the ultimate interior design resource. Their catalogs are mailed out to every household within a five mile radius of a Pottery Barn store. No new mall in the United States is Pottery Barn free. They are here to stay. For those who like Pottery Barn, it is an institution. The "Pottery Barn Look" is so distinct. Just open up one of their catalogs and decorating your home is as easy as selecting a picture of a room and ordering every piece of furniture right down to the accessories they have shown. Well, allow me to say, I truly dislike Pottery Barn. Their look is easy and uncomplicated, yet it is a "ready-made" look created for the design-impaired. I believe interior design should be about design. For me, design = creativity and I just do not think Pottery Barn is very creative. Their offerings are safe. You cannot really go wrong with the Pottery Barn basics. So, for the Pottery Barn shoppers who want the "Pottery Barn Look" with the designer creative slant, Pottery Barn has come up with a gem.

The new "Edison Chandelier" from Pottery Barn is Most Excellent. Matt sent me a picture of this chandelier because he knows it is not often that I read the Pottery Barn catalog. I really like this chandelier and would not hesitate using it in one of my projects.

Around the turn of the century, designers like Adolf Loos were drawn to the austere beauty of industrial light fixtures and adapted them for home interiors. In that spirit, Pottery Barn has taken the bare essentials of lighting – wires, sockets and bulbs – and elevated them to a lofty aesthetic. The chandelier can be hung in any configuration to suit any room's decor. Ten fabric-covered cords extend from a circular bronzed ceiling plate. Clear oversized bulbs have visible filaments (included). Cords are 46" l.

The chandelier is available through catalog or internet only. It retails for $399.00