11 July 2008

In Search of the iPhone 3G.

If there has not already been enough hype, I decided to join the insanity in order to purchase the brand new Apple iPhone 3G today. The second generation cell phone is not only two times faster, it is one half the price of the original phone. It is available in a 8GB version in black or a 16GB version in a polished black or white case. The phone features such enhancements as a Global Position System, (GPS), and an applications store to purchase games, social networking and entertainment programs to run on the phone.

What I expected to be a short wait at the AT&T phone store on DuPont Circle, turned out to be a six hour event. Just one half hour after getting into line at the AT&T store, they announced that they ran out of the new iPhone and that all DC area stores were in the same situation. A sweet young lady visiting from Atlanta was standing in line with us and invited us to take a trip to the Apple Store in Bethesda, Maryland to continue our quest for the phone.

When we arrived at Bethesda Row, the Apple Store had a line outside the door that stretched clearly down the entire block. I imagined we would be waiting in line for no more than an hour. Disappointingly, one hour became two and then two hours became six! The Apple Store was a wonderful host, treating customers waiting in line to bottles of Smart Water and Domino's Pizza.

The cherry on the top of the cake of my journey, was a brief appearance on the Channel 7 News. This video clip, covers the mayhem associated with the new iPhone's arrival in Washington, DC today. I may be seen just behind the news reporter in the black tank top. This footage was taken just before I purchased my new black iPhone which is currently charging. I will wait until tomorrow to see if it was worth it all. I suspect it will be Most Excellent.