03 January 2008

Write down the resolutions.

Happy New Year!

While writing a list of my resolutions for 2008, I gave some thought to those things that I would like to bring to this blog. Immediately my thoughts went to one of the great ladies of style - Martha Stewart. If Martha is able to delight the readers of her magazine with a calender of her day-to-day events as well as items she considers to be "good things", I certainly can bring you some of my favorite things! While these writing desks may not be endorsed by the Queen of Entertainment, Oprah Winfrey, I now present them on what will be My List of Most Excellent Things!

Thanks to my friend Matt for bringing this beautiful kidney-shaped desk to my attention. Retailing for a steep $7,088.00, this wood desk with anodized aluminum drawer pulls and feet, has beautiful lines and screams graceful elegance. The turquoise version, (above), would add some snap and spunk to some of the most beautiful interiors.

The "Riga Desk" by Marc Newson

This ultra sexy and super stylish desk is set to grace the home office of a Chevy Chase, Maryland project my firm is currently working on. The combination of a laminate drawer stack, solid wood desk top and a gleaming stainless-steel base help to create a desk I suspect almost anyone would love to write or compute at.

Lawson-Fenning, Los Angeles, CA