22 January 2008

Luxe Touches in Snug Spaces.

Last year, The Washington Post Express, did a feature story, "Interior Motivations" on how interior designers are "flexing their design muscle in smaller, hip, urban spaces". Julia Beizer, of The Post, came to me and asked me to discuss my motivations, direction and advice that I gave to my former clients, Christopher and Mary Donald, for the interior design of their charming two-bedroom Petworth, Washington, DC condominium. While I typically work on very large, high-end projects, (Currently, I am working on a six, (6) bedroom home in Chevy Chase, Maryland), I had great fun assisting the Donalds. The Express presented their apartment and my work. Readers found great excitement learning that there are interior designers who expand their work to modest spaces and not just "mammoth homes"... I am one of them. This is Julia Beizer's article as it appeared in The Washington Post Express - (Please click on the article - above & below - to enlarge):