08 January 2008


From Mexico, A-M Midy and Jorge Almada bring us CASAMIDY. Their iron-wired chairs, particularly those from their "Varenne line" are in my opinion a "Most Excellent Thing". Unexpected and quite a surprise, these wire-formed chairs defy our traditional thinking of the composition of a dining chair, (as seen here). My preference in interior design is to take more classic and traditional design details and "twist", "foil" and add contemporary notes to create a look that I brand "Urban Sophisticated". Perfect in either a classic or more modern atmosphere, these CASAMIDY chairs are a smashing accompaniment to many dining tables. They permit us to wonder, cause our friends to converse when they see them and will stand the test of time. The chairs may be custom-designed in many amazing ways with the use of fabric chosen by the individual lucky enough to have them grace their home!