03 January 2008

Under the sea and across the pond.

When I first saw the "Octopus Chandelier", I immediately thought of my years growing up on the New Jersey Shore and the Jelly Fish that stung me one summer day at the beach. The chandeliers immediately received a negative reaction from me. After more careful exploration of Adam Wallacavage's work, I have decided that select designs of these outrageous lighting pendants are a "Most Excellent Thing". I would not suggest this chandelier for just any home or environment. I would also not place it in a local seafood restaurant. (I am almost certain the people at Red Lobster would not be amused!) However, in the home of an art collector, a trendy socialite, or someone who wants a true "jewel-piece" swinging from the ceiling, these chandeliers are beyond interesting, maybe a bit bothersome, and definitely, brilliantly unique. What I did not like at first... I like now!

Across the pond, New Zealand born Jeremy Cole brings us these blooming chandelier pendants from his home in London, England. The "Aloe Collection" is an array of different lights each composed of hand-made porcelain leaves that are geometrically arranged around the light source acting as a diffuser producing a calming, glowing light. Available in both a natural and black/"noir" color.