15 January 2008

Antique forms. Modern sensibility.

I've always loved the "Knotted chair" by Marcel Wanders for Cappellini. The small armchair is manufactured in "knotted" carbon and aramide fiber cord with an epoxy resin finish. Wanders
believes it is important to learn about materials, to know what they can do, how they are produced and how they are processed. His work is a synthesis of handcraft and industrial technology. The "Knotted chair" was designed by Wanders in 1996, (below). A chromium plated version, (above), debuted in 2001.

Quite the switch from the fluid form of the "Knotted chair" Marcel Wanders brings us the "New Antiques". Also for Cappellini, these chairs are available with or without armrests. The wood turned structure has upholstered seats with polyurethane foam. Available in either a black or white matte finish with smooth or stamped leather. Another version is manufactured with polyester belts embossed with the Cappellini logo in a black with black version or a white with white version. All Most Excellent! I love the fusion of classic elements with contemporary accents.