09 January 2008

Brooklyn, USA

Tyler Hays, a painter and sculptor, and Joshua Vogel, an architect and gifted craftsman, oversee the Brooklyn, New York workshop, BDDW. Known for their heirloom quality solid wood furniture, which is traditionally joined, in select domestic hardwoods, has earned this small American furniture company a place on my list of Most Excellent Things.

Shown here is their "Slab" table which is hand rubbed with natural oils and lacquers and cleverly joined with functional, intelligent and quite beautiful inlays. I am particularly fond of the rose inlay, (shown below).

The gentlemen at BDDW do not stop with exquisite furniture, they have expanded their collection to accessories and rugs. Their old-fashioned digital Nixie tube desk, wall and grandfather clocks are understated and very different. Additionally, their 100 knot Tibetan wool rugs are interesting and very artistic. My favorite is the "Nude" rug which would be a welcome addition to any floor or wall. The simple, very tasteful pieces, are combined effortlessly in room sets that I am very fond of. Behold.

"The Slab Table"

Ebonized rose inlay.

The "Slab table" cleverly joined.


Bronze Grandfather clock with digital Nixie tubes.

Silver-plated, bronze exterior desk clock with digital Nixie tubes.

Wooden Grandfather clock - Detail


100 knot Tibetan Wool Rugs - Bespoke- Two Versions, (above).